Hospitalized children

Hospitalized children

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If for any reason you have ever been hospitalized, surely you know that it is a very difficult situation, which totally breaks the routine of life. Imagine what that means for children. If a child has to stay in a hospital for a long time, will need care and affection. Both nurses and all medical staff try to do what they can to make children feel comfortable. They try to make that stay as boring as possible and as close to their daily life as possible. But it is still a very complicated task.

Children understand hospital admission in very different ways. It all depends on your age, your character and your psychomotor development, how many days you will have to stay in the hospital, the illness you suffer, if you feel aches and pains, if your physique has changed, and what kind of company do.

It is important, while the child is hospitalized, that he receives all the necessary support so that he recovers as soon as possible, and that he returns to his usual life. If you have any children in this situation, help them. For that, we have some little tips:

1- Talk to your child about his illness, clarifying your doubts and fears. That will take away any worries about what might happen to you in the hospital, and it will leave you more at ease. If the child feels safe, he will adapt better to any situation.

2- Even if you are in a hospital, don't stop playing with your son. Through play, children can express their fears and fears. Encourage him to draw pictures, to learn about medical supplies (syringes, tape, etc.), and at the same time you can chat with him about his recovery.

3- Help your child to heal, always participating in medical care. You can change a bandage, walk with him down the hospital corridor for a while, help him do rehabilitation exercises, and whatever he needs.

4- Bring some books or magazines to your child. Read stories to him, and then exercise your interpretation of the text so that he is distracted. Board games are also very good to forget the routine.

5- If the medical staff allows it, invite some of your child's friends to come visit him at the hospital. The child will live endearing moments with his friends.

6- If the stay in the hospital is long, cheer up your child with a surprise gift, especially on the days when you notice that he is more discouraged.

7- It is important that the child does not feel alone or isolated. Family is an important factor in your recovery. Boost your child's communication with other family members, through visits, letters, the telephone, etc.

8- Create a daily agenda of all the activities that your child will have to develop in the hospital. The child will follow the rules more easily and safely. Example: time for breakfast, analytics, lunch, games, reading, bedtime, etc.

9- Have a lot of patience and tolerance with your child. Do not forget that he is living a different situation, and surely that will affect his character, in his way of behaving. Support him and show all the love you have for him, in good times and bad.

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Red Cross. Hospitalized childhood. A website aimed at minors who spend long periods admitted to hospitals.

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