Mama, tell me this story again

Mama, tell me this story again

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At some point in children's childhood, especially when they are 3 to 5 years old, surely when you finished telling them a story, they would ask you to repeat it. My daughter not only asked me to tell her the same story again, but also to repeatedly tell her the same music, the same tongue twister, riddle, the same movie, scene, joke ...

For some parents, having to repeat the same story, the same song, etc., is exhausting and boring. There are even parents who worry, believing that their child may have some delay or an obsession ...

The truth is that the fact that children want us to repeat the same story over and over is a positive wish, which brings many benefits to children. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Sussex University, UK.

In the week-long research, several 3-year-olds were divided into two groups, tasked with learning new words. These words were non-existent. For example, the word 'sprock' was used to refer to a tool for mixing food.

The children in one group listened to three different children's stories with the made up words, while the children in the other group always heard the same narration with the made up words. The results showed that children who had always heard the same story remembered the new words better than children in the other group. The bottom line is that repeating the same stories several times is an excellent exercise to strengthen children's memory.

Telling children a story, in addition to entertaining and educating them, brings benefits to their development because they stimulate their communication skills, enrich their vocabulary, enhance their ability to understand, fantasy and imagination, awaken the pleasure of reading, and strengthen their memory.

Other studies have indicated that the repetition of the same story provides valuable information to the child about personal relationships. This is where the need and the habit of children to repeat, imitate in their games what they have seen, heard or read from a story is born. It is his way of symbolizing, of living the information he receives.

To start telling stories to children, it is advisable to consider some guidelines:

1- Choose a time to tell a story: before sleeping, after eating ...

2- It is advisable that stories have illustrations so that children can visualize what they are hearing.

3- It is important to talk with the child about the story you are telling him, and to answer all the questions he asks.

4- Use resources such as voice to differentiate each character in the story. It will be more fun for both of you.

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