3 Classic games to learn English. English for kids

3 Classic games to learn English. English for kids

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English, as well as any second language we want children to develop. It is hard work and above all very constant. To get children to be bilingual, we must work on a large number of developmental areas of language.

Therefore, we must make a well-defined plan or strategy from the beginning, depending on the age of the child at all times.

We propose some games and activities that we can do with children from 5 years of age to enhance the learning of English and also reading and writing. The games that I have selected are the most classic and surely we have all played in Spanish more than once. How can we help children through these 'old technology' games:

It is a very popular game all over the world. The game consists of finding a series of words, usually of a specific topic among a large number of individual letters. This game works on different aspects in the evolutionary development of children. First it helps the child to work on his memory, having to retain the words he is looking for among the alphabet soup.

When we think of a word the child will begin to relate it to the mental image that he has in his brain. This helps the child expand his vocabulary in English. Children can start playing as soon as they start reading. We must make personalized soups based on the words the child knows in English and their age.

It is another of the most classic paper and pen games. The game is easy. At least two people are required to play. One thinks of a word in English, and the child will have to figure it out knowing the number of letters it has. To guess the word, the child will have to say letters in English. If the letter is not in the word, it will fail, and a part of the human body is drawn.

The child will have several possibilities to get it right (we can put the number of mistakes allowed, according to the child's age). Like the alphabet soup, we will also work on vocabulary, as well as the English alphabet. Having to say letter by letter. And wanting to say a specific letter makes the child pay more attention and the learning of the alphabet and its pronunciation in English improves considerably.

It is one of the games that children like the most. To play with children they must have some knowledge of mathematics. At least add and subtract small numbers. It is played the same as bingo in Spanish. But instead of saying a number we say an account. The 2 + 3 (in English) the child should cross out the number 5 on his card. In this way, in addition to learning the numbers in English and the mathematical vocabulary with the game, we will also be working on the child's mathematical logical development.

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