The mother of ...: our new identity

The mother of ...: our new identity

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Last Friday, when I left my children at school, I was thinking that moms and dads are becoming more and more like superheroes: our mission is to protect the family, solve problems ... even fly through the mornings! In the school stage of our children, we also have a double identity as Spiderman or Superman. So and so, now we are also: the parents of ...

In the first contact we have with other parents or teachers, we do not introduce ourselves, just as we can in a work or family environment. We introduce ourselves as: "Hello, I am the mother of ..." With some parents we will establish a closer relationship and share our first name, and with others we will continue chatting day after day, without knowing the name of the father or mother with whom We speak.

Children add something indelible to our identity. If they asked us something like: what are your children to you? I guess we would say: "they are everything to me", "they are my life". Although there are many other important things in our lives, it is true that they transform us substantially, we can no longer just go back to being what we were before we had them. They are a very important part of our new identity. I no longer imagine my life without them, I will never again be only the daughter of ..., wife of ..., friend of ..., editor of ... My new identity and honorary title is: MOTHER OF. .. At my children's school I have this identity, they are the ones who put their names, I am Gabriel's mother, or Ana's ..., my own name is part of my "secret identity" that I do not reveal at all the world. The truth is that I love it; Part of the reward of having children is living this world in which who we are is intimately related to them, and is more important than any other facet of our existence.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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