A surprise spring breakfast for mothers

A surprise spring breakfast for mothers

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What do you think, and I am especially addressing the parents and children of the house, if on Mother's Day you wake her up with the colors and flavors of spring on the breakfast table? It seems like a good and original way to start the day.

What's more, it doesn't have to be Mother's Day. Why not celebrate the arrival of spring in this way?

To prepare the flower-shaped pancake and decorate it with fruits, you need a lot of enthusiasm, a pancake, and some fruits. In addition, you can, from this idea that I found in This and That, make other flowers and other breakfast drawings using the same or different ingredients. I believe that imagination and creativity will not be lacking when it comes to cheering up the mother of the house.

Well, to start, you just have to use a metal mold to cut cookies, in the shape of a flower, or a heart, or whatever you like the most. If you have chosen to make this model that I suggest, make a mixture for pancakes, arrange it inside the flower mold in the center of a pan and make sure that the dough spreads to all the flower petals. Then, when the dough sets, you just have to turn the pancake so that it has color on both sides. If you prefer, you can make a normal pancake and, when they have it on the plate, cut it with the mold. And also make normal pancakes and arrange them on the flower-shaped tray. I think this will be easier and more practical. Made the pancake, now is the time to decorate it.

Before placing the fruits on top of the pancake, it should be spread with butter or jam of the flavor that the mother likes best. Then, as in this case, a strawberry is placed in the center of the flower, surrounded by black grapes. For the stem and leaf of the flower, you can use green grapes. Or if you prefer ... blueberries! This spring pancake accompanied by a lot of love, will surely be the best gift a mother can ask for. Luck!

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