Santa Carlota Day, July 3. Names for girls

Santa Carlota Day, July 3. Names for girls

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Carlota is a name for a girl of Germanic origin with a meaning related to 'the force', so it can be perfect to reinforce the personality of your girl.

It is a current name that will continue to climb positions in the lists of popular names for girls now that the Dukes of Cambridge girl wears it. He celebrates his name day on July 3, which is the day of Santa Carlota.

Due to the meaning of her name, Carlota has a very charismatic personality that is sweeping among her group of friends. You have all the tools to become a leader and you are not lacking in creativity and imagination. It is also a name with great force and with a sophisticated touch that we cannot resist.

The name Carlota is used in the world due to the popularity of its masculine variant Carlos. We find several forms for the name Carlota, from which Carolina or Carla also derive. But if there is a variety that attracts us especially, it is Charlotte for that seductive air that it exudes.

It is curious that many royal houses have among their members important figures who bear the name of your daughter. This is the case of the royal house of Monaco where we meet Carlota Casiraghi, Carolina's daughter or the Monegasque princess herself, Charlotte.

The most recent to rise to royalty and the one that will undoubtedly push your daughter's name to the top of the lists of popular names for girls is the daughter of the dukes of cambridge. The new British princess is called Carlota Isabel Diana.

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