Adopted and biological children, are they loved the same?

Adopted and biological children, are they loved the same?

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This is the background of the debate that was opened in society after learning that, in Catalonia, in Spain, a total of 72 adopted children have been abandoned by their adoptive families in the last decade.

Most of these adopted children were over 10 years old, which complicates their integration into a new family environment. What is happening then? Don't we want biological children the same as adopted ones?

Children, regardless of whether they are biological or adopted, have the same right to be loved, cared for and educated. The adoption of a child in its earliest childhood is a great satisfaction for parents, who are committed to caring for and loving that child, who because he is small and without being aware of it, is giving them the best years of their life. However, when childhood is over, those same parents, who have been filled with happiness during their child's childhood, must be aware that, from adolescence, they can present behavior problems.

Parents are not born experts in handling some difficult situations that life poses, but we must assume our commitment as parents continuing our work until the end, or is not an adopted child the same as a biological child? When a child is adopted, the legal adoption system requests a certificate of suitability from the parents who request it, whereas biological parents are exempt from this certificate. However, due to the cases of abandonment, the authorities are considering rethinking the criteria that are currently followed to grant suitability to adoptive families - who refuse 3 percent of parents - in favor of greater follow-up .

And what does it mean for children to face abandonment and the difficulty of being housed in another family at the age of 10? Most of these abandoned children, specifically 66.7 percent, are older than 10 years and 23.7 percent are between 6 and 10 years old. In general, most dropouts occur in preadolescence, when children create more problems, and parents choose to relinquish their guardianship. However, this abandonment of boys in adolescence also occurs in biological families, although in a lower percentage, since it is a complicated age for all children, whether or not they are adopted.

By virtue of all these aspects related to adoption and abandonment, what is really important is to act so that children's lives are not played with, whether they have been adopted or not. When a couple chooses to adopt a boy or a girl, they must be aware that their decision is very important and that their child will be like a biological one.

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