What Babies and Children Do in Nursery

What Babies and Children Do in Nursery

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In good early childhood education centers, work begins with children from 4 months of age. In order to stimulate and develop the knowledge and learning of babies. Although obviously, this kind of work, games, activities that we do with them, is not comparable to the educational system, which we will use from the second cycle of early childhood education.

To achieve the objectives set according to the ages, we have to have a series of guidelines, as well as a planning, that indicates the steps to follow. Which we will develop each year, depending on the children we have in the class and how advanced they are. Today we are going to focus on one of the points that mark the guidelines for early childhood education. The organization of the classroom.

In early childhood education centers, we have limited spaces. With what we will have to adapt to what we have in each center. Each age group will have their space (classroom) where they will spend most of their time. Therefore, we have to organize ourselves in such a way so that, being in the same space, the child can get the most out of it. For this the classroom organization, to take advantage of what we have.

To do this, what we do is divide the classroom into different areas. We will simply do this by changing the decoration with respect to the rest, depending on what we are going to work on in this area. With this we intend to get children They can change the environment according to the activity or game that we intend to carry out, within the same classroom. Thus enhancing learning. The child when changing environment, disconnects and returns to be able to pay attention as if it were the first activity. And also, it gets the child to focus much more on the activity he is doing at that moment.

According to each early childhood educator, we find a large number of possibilities to organize the classroom. Which is fine, since we should not have a fixed system. Everything will depend on the class we have that year, since it can vary greatly as we should take it. Another important point is that the classroom organization can be changed when we need it. According to the developments that our children are having. As well as the issues that we are going to start working on. For example, we can have a corner of the seasons, which we will change its decoration, whenever we enter a new season of the year.

Apart from the classroom, we must distinguish another series of essential spaces for nursery children. Among them are:

- The dining room: Children need a separate and different space for mealtime.

- Naps: It is important that children change places when they go to nap, since they will be able to sleep much better and differentiate the moments.

- The bathroom: Since we started toilet training by sitting the child on the potty, we must place him in a different space, the bathroom.

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