Games with the ball or ball for children

Games with the ball or ball for children

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In many families, the ball is the child's first toy. Its practicality and utility make it the favorite toy for many children; and its benefits make it the most purchased toy by parents. A ball amuses children a lot at the same time that it benefits them in their physical, emotional, social and moral development.

The ball is a great friend of children, attractive as well as stimulating. A ball prompts a baby to crawl behind it or a child to run to catch it. It also helps the little ones to develop their balance, their motor coordination and their muscular strength. Child therapists are in favor of the use of the ball in the physical and social training of children. In therapeutic sessions, both stretching and relaxation can be performed with the ball, promoting physical conditioning in a more pleasant way and softening pain.

During childhood, treatment with the balloon is indicated for respiratory problems, balance deficits and motor coordination. It is also used to gain or lose weight and stabilize the joints. Through the regular practice of activities with the ball, the motor development of children has a direct action in the prevention of problems so present in the lives of children such as childhood obesity.

Thus, children who change the television or the computer for the ball, will be exercising a physical activity that will keep them away from these types of problems. On the other hand, the ball socializes children. If a child comes to the park with a ball, surely there will be more than one little one willing to be his playmate that day. And, is that, without a doubt, the ball attracts children. The ball also has great power in the unconscious of children. It draws their attention, provokes a reaction in terms of the speed of the blow it uses, strengthens self-esteem and stimulates curiosity.

The ball has no sex, both boys and girls can and should play with it. The ability, whether on the feet or the hands, with the ball, is unquestionable. Encourage your children to play with the ball. If you don't, you will never know if your little ones could have become volleyball champions.handball, basketball or soccer.

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