3 cute children's poems about animals, the favorites of children

3 cute children's poems about animals, the favorites of children

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One of the best tools that we can use for children to learn is poetry. Not only does it stimulate your creativity and sensitivity, but it also improves your memory and vocabulary.

In Guiainfantil.com We are completely convinced that poems are essential in the learning of the little ones, therefore, we have made a small compilation of stanzas and verses that you will love. Here you have 3 children's poems about animals, which, as you well know, are preferred by children.

With this poem you can work together with your child on rhyme and intonation. As a complementary activity we suggest that you do some beautiful drawings that illustrate the history of these verses. In this way, you will have fun reciting poetry, but also drawing together.

A child of a few years,

a flute caressed,

every day in your garden

by routine there he rehearsed.

new notes invented

and a very happy parrot

always happy listened.

And so the accustomed parrot

he began to love the child,

who I heard play

from the branch of a pine.

Some beautiful melodies

with his flute he composed,

and the parrot, a good apprentice,

he deftly repeated.

One day the boy got sick

and his flute did not sound,

he repeated what he learned.

And the musical notes

among jasmine they floated,

while the child, in bed,

listening, he improved.

When the little one healed

played new melodies

and the parrot from its branch

he repeated happily.

Bring your children closer to the wildest animals with this beautiful children's poem starring an impala and a jungle lion. Depending on the age of your child, it can be too long a poem to be learned from top to bottom. However, as a game, you can each learn a verse and recite it in pairs.

Among the herbs he played

and the head bowed,

when he saw the king of the jungle,

a fierce old lion.

Despite your blindness

the lion saw his horns

and behind on the run,

the impala cornered.

Feeling it approach

scared he stumbled ...

Fell behind a bush

and although he passed by,

the lion is cut off from sight,

in the rush he did not see it.

confused he lost it,

leaving the animal

with a strong hot flash.

Reciting poems as a family is an ideal activity to spend quality time together. Therefore, in Guiainfantil.com We propose you this poem that will also make your child think about solidarity and love.

orphan and sad was left

and an eagle from the sky

to help him he thought.

But before adopting it,

asked her young

yes to distribute your food

the two would be arranged.

Okay birds,

they made room in the nest

and the eagle went looking for him

and carried it with his beak.

happy learned to fly

and still being so different

that nest was his home.

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