The three wise men. Short poem for children

The three wise men. Short poem for children

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Ruben Dario He was a Nicaraguan poet considered one of the main references in 20th century poetry and is considered the initiator of Hispanic modernism.

From all his work, in Guiainfantil.com We have found this short Christmas poem about the Three Wise Men, an ideal poem to read to children at Christmas.

-I'm Gaspar. Here I bring the incense.

I come to say: Life is pure and beautiful.

God exists. Love is immense.

I know everything from the divine Star!

-I am Melchior. My myrrh smells everything.

God exists. He is the light of the day.

The white flower has its feet in mud.

And in pleasure there is melancholy!

-I am Baltasar. I bring the gold. Insure

that God exists. He is big and strong.

I know everything from the pure star

That shines on the diadem of Death.

-Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar, shut up.

Love triumphs, and his party invites you.

Christ rises, makes the light of chaos

and has the crown of Life!

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