Gossip. Funny animal poem to make children laugh

Gossip. Funny animal poem to make children laugh

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Your children will love to read "Gossip", a funny animal poem that always makes kids laugh. These verses will make you have a great time with your family and, what is better, they will convince your child that the poetic genre can be very entertaining. Do not miss it! After this children's poetry, you will find more ideas to introduce children to the wonderful world of poetry.

He dieted a whale

next to a great elephant,

she was never full

And he never had enough

Fed up monkey what will they talk about

of his lack of sanity,

screeched, screeched and screeched more,

and proved his madness.

When to seal they said

that they saw her thin,

of the soup he ate

another four tablespoons.

They asked, what's wrong with you?

apologetic, he replied:

I want to move house

Yet bird Carpenter

I speak a labrador retriever:

And what job do you have?

I am a kingfisher.

he had a piece of cheese

and when he saw the little mouse

he exchanged it for a kiss.

There is a milk cow

that says tolón, tolón,

that gives meringue milk

who has such good clients,

that in the same room

one day he found three teeth.

The tortoise goes slow

but when they tell you

the two are dying of laughter.

As this poem is so funny, it is ideal to introduce the little ones in the house to the poetic genre. It will be much more attractive than other more complicated verses because it talks about animals, the favorite characters of children, and because it tells a story as crazy as it is funny. However, there are many other ways to introduce children to poetry. These are some of them.

1. Go to a children's poetry recital
Look for poetry shows in your city that are designed for children. Hopefully, they'll have such a good time at the recital that they'll want to keep reading poems when they get home.

2. Gift him a story of poems for his birthday
Give your child a book of poems for his birthday and read it as a family. Find a story that has an interesting story that you know your child will like: look for a theme of their liking and characters with whom they empathize.

3. Read a story in verse
Stories in verse can be a great tool for children to learn what rhyme is and why it is so fun. Again, find a story that you know is going to be interesting to him to get his attention.

4. Suggest that he recite them in front of the family
Children like to receive applause and recognition from their family. So a good way to get acquainted with the poems in a fun way is by organizing a family recital. You can memorize the verses or read them directly from the book.

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