Benefits of dictations for children

Benefits of dictations for children

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Why is it important to dictate to children? To speak well, it is necessary to write correctly, and this is achieved with a lot of reading and a lot of practice on paper. When someone makes spelling mistakes the general recommendation is 'read more', but this can also be supplemented with the dictation. Discover all the benefits of dictation to improve children's spelling and writing skills.

Dictations are one of the most traditional language activities in teaching, and it consists of the student listening to the teacher relate a text that you have to reproduce by typing it exactly.

These exercises improve children's hearing, attention and concentration, and also help children writing and spelling have better quality.

1. Improve attention
For a dictation to finish satisfactorily, it is not only necessary that all the words and phrases are written with correction and coherence, but it is essential that the child is attentive all the time.

When the teacher or the parent in question relates the words or phrases and the children are writing them, they will have to be aware of how the person who dictates is written all the time, which will improve their ability to attend to explanations at all times. or other types of academic exercises.

2. Concentration increases
Along with attention, the child's concentration also increases when dictating. Not only do they have to be aware of what the teacher or the parent is actually dictating at that moment, but they have to do everything on their part to be able to focus and know how the words are written what are they telling you.

3. Improve your spelling
When a word or phrase is written several times, errors decrease. Exercising contributes to less and less spelling mistakes. When a word has been spelled incorrectly and is corrected shortly thereafter, when it appears again in the same text or in another dictation, the child will be able to detect his mistake and not make it again.

In addition, as they write words that are expressed the same but are written differently: to see and have, go and fence, etc; children will have to do more to know how to write them well.

4. They help improve language
Like spelling, language is also enriched through dictations. When children are faced with oral descriptions, in addition to trying to write correctly the word or phrase in question will also improve your writing and communication skills. In this way, the language will be more complete as they make dictations because they will learn to say and write new words and different expressions.

5. Greater active capacity
A dictation is also good for children because it has a good rhythm. This means that although the oral exposure is slow, and does not go too fast, it is true that it does not stop, and children must be used to keep your attention for the entire duration of the activity.

6. They help self-correction
When words are repeated and there are combinations with g and j, b and v or some words with h, children often have doubts as to the orthography. Although mistakes are made at first and probably will happen again during the first few times, by dint of seeing the same or similar words that are written the same, children will know more and more how to self-correct. In this way, they will be able to improve their spelling before making a mistake, or they will know how to detect the error after finishing the dictation.

7. They improve listening comprehension:Another of the most positive aspects of dictation is the considerable improvement in listening comprehension. In addition to reading comprehension, children must develop their listening skills to understand and understand what they are hearing.

Knowing how to put on paper what is being listened to accurately and without making spelling mistakes is the dictation success, which also does a great favor to the hearing capacity of children, who will decipher the slow speech of the teacher and put it in writing.

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