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Causes of childhood asthma: allergens

Causes of childhood asthma: allergens

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To make an adequate diagnosis and control of childhood asthma, it is necessary to consider if there is a family history of the child in terms of asthma, what allergens (dust mites, pollen, moisture mold, animal dander) is the child exposed, how often and how severe are its symptoms, and what other respiratory infections may have the same symptoms.

For the control of the disease to be effective and to eliminate the symptoms that cause the asthmatic attack, it is necessary to determine what the triggering allergen is and implement a series of strategies.

In, we tell you what the main causes of asthma in children.

1. Animals
Most people think that animal allergiesare produced by your skin or hair, but there are also many other causes such as proteins secreted by sebaceous glands, saliva and urine. In addition, although the animal is not in sight, its agents are found in small particles circulating through the air, furniture and carpets. Do not forget, after playing with the animal, you have to wash your hands well and clean your clothes to remove allergic agents, such as dandruff.

2. House dust mites
Dust mites are spider-like microorganisms that feed on the dead scales of human skin and live in mattresses, beds, furniture, carpets, and curtains. It is difficult to eliminate them completely, but we can follow a series of recommendations to try to reduce them, such as wash with very hot water (55º) sheets and blankets, use gloves and a mask while cleaning to reduce exposure to dust and irritants from cleaners, replace wool fabrics with synthetic materials, avoid the presence of rag dolls or stuffed animals, or wash them with frequency...

3. Mushrooms
They are an allergic agent that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Control water taps, hoses and stopcocks to avoid losses that favor the humidity; if you have air conditioning, leave the windows open at first;
use a dehumidifier that keeps the humidity below 50 percent and ventilates all rooms daily, including bathrooms and basements.

4. Pollen
They can produce asthmatic and allergic symptoms even miles away. There are many types and it is necessary to know which one harms us through diagnostic tests or examinations. During the spring months is when the allergy period is more extended.

It is impossible to avoid going outside, but there are some suggestions that we can follow to prevent the worsening of symptoms. As advice, avoid leaving the house in the first or last hours of the day or after rains, when pollen levels are lower, use air conditioning instead of fans or opening windows, after washing, use the dryer and do not remove the outdoor clothing to prevent pollen from getting into fabrics.

5. Latex
Latex is extracted from the tropical tree Hevea Brasiliensis and is used primarily in the production of rubber. Currently, it is widely distributed in multiple products or tools, especially in the health field. Anyone using latex products can become sensitized. However, the risk is higher in allergic individuals with rhinitis, asthma or dermatitis due to other allergens.

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