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Childhood asthma can be prevented in pregnancy

Childhood asthma can be prevented in pregnancy

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If I were to get pregnant again, I would take much better care of myself. And if you are the one who is thinking about having a baby, I recommend that you do so because both what we eat and what we breathe has a decisive influence on the health of our baby.

We are increasingly exposed to suffer the effects that the deterioration of the environment produces on our health. The negative consequence that attracts the most attention is related to the air we breathe, environmental pollution and harmful habits such as tobacco and its impact on childhood asthma. All studies agree to state that childhood asthma can be prevented in pregnancy.

The foundationRoger Torné has a European Guide to Child Health and the Environment for parents in pleasant language, but based on the results of more than 150 scientific studies have been made available to us.

Thus, the Airways Group of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap) has shown some evidence that ensures that the conditioning factors of children's respiratory health are related to the interaction of the environment and the genetics of individuals.

Several studies have shown that the most significant environmental risk for developing asthma in childhood is exposure to tobacco smoke in the womb. The mother's smoking during pregnancy or passive exposure to smoke, in those cases in which the pregnant woman did not smoke, is a significant risk for the development of asthma in fetuses.

On the other hand, there is also already much evidence that air pollution worsens existing asthma, and other studies support the association between air pollution and the incidence of asthma.

Along these lines, a recent investigation described how exposure to car traffic pollution influenced the development of asthma in the children of mothers exposed to this type of pollution. This work claims the early origin of respiratory diseases from the womb.

Diet is another factor that influences the prevalence of respiratory diseases. Frequent consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish has been shown to be associated with a lower prevalence of asthma, while a high consumption of hamburgers leads to a higher prevalence of it.

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