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The dangers of labeling children

The dangers of labeling children

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Sometimes we adults are labeling children and we are not even realizing it, but the consequences and dangers of labeling children are really serious for your personality and personality development (and of course, for your self-esteem).

The tags they are without a doubt a lack of respect towards the little onesAlthough at that moment we do not want to offend them, we are doing it, a lot. The labels consist of calling children in some way for some behavior that we consider annoying or inappropriate such as, 'you are a bore', 'you are clumsy', 'you are a complainer' and a long etc.

The labels on children will not get them to change their attitude and the worst thing is that they will only make them feel limited and also, underappreciated. It is a way to pigeonhole the little ones and it is that unfortunately they end up believing that they are 'heavy', 'clumsy', 'crybabies' and what you had labeled simply becomes reality, but because you have caused it by calling them because even if it is unconsciously You send them the message that they will never be able to change for the better.

Of course, it can help improve the personality, but these negative labels will have to be forgotten in your vocabulary to respect the little ones and prevent them from feeling belittled and even self-conscious.

Can you help them enhancing their positive qualities instead of doing it with negatives, this way they can build a good and proper image of themselves. Also, if you compliment him when he does something positive instead of when he does something negative, you are positively reinforcing the appropriate behavior and it will be repeated in the future. In this way, the child will feel your trust, your support and will feel motivated and loved, something essential for their good integral development.

Remember that your opinion As a mother or father, you will make a big mark on your personality and praising them in front of others is also a great way to promote good behavior. Although you should not forget that if you want to promote good behavior in your child, the first thing you will have to do is undoubtedly set an example.

When your child does not behave properly instead of reminding him of what he does wrong or saying words like 'always' or 'never' it is better that you tell him what to do, for example:

- Instead of saying 'never pick up your room, you are a mess', it is better to say something like: 'pick up your room, sure you will do great'. In this way the little one knows what is expected of him.

- Instead of saying 'you are a bore', it is better to say something like: 'When you want something, tell me once and I will listen to you'.

- Instead of saying: 'you are a crybaby', it is better to say something like: 'If you feel bad and you want to cry to feel better, nothing happens, but tell me what happens to you to find a solution'.

Do you want to tag your children? Do it, but let them be with positive labels such as: 'you are brave', 'you are tenacious', 'you are smart', etc ...

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