The electra complex in girls

The electra complex in girls

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All girls go through a stage of admiration for dad: he is their favorite, it is with him that they want to go everywhere, play, have fun ... It is the well-known 'papitis' phase.

It is a normal period in the development of every girl that begins around 3 or 4 years and reaches its maximum expression around 5-6 years.

The Electra Complex, a psychoanalytic concept and term coined by the psychiatrist Carl Young in contrast to S. Freud's female Oedipus, deals with this phase of infatuation with dad that girls go through around 3 - 4 years. The Electra Complex, much more elaborate than what we will present here, aims to explain the competition and rivalry between mother and daughter to win the affection and attention of father that appears at this stage.

As in the Oedipus Complex, the name comes from Greek literature and mythology. Electra daughter of Agamemnon (king of Mycenae) and Clytemnestra, conspired and convinced her brother to murder their mother, thus avenging the death of the father at the hands of Clytemnestra's lover, her mother.

As in the Oedipus Complex, we must pay special attention if we have a girl who:

- She spends the day saying that when she grows up she will marry Dad.

- She cries inconsolably when dad leaves.

- She always wants to be in the middle of mom and dad, she feels jealous of the affection that mom makes for dad.

- His favorite word is 'no'.

- Shows some hostility towards mom.

As in any stage of the development of our children we must be patient and help them overcome their internal conflicts, conflicts that allow them to grow and mature to continue forming their own personality.

To do this, we will try to avoid magnifying her performances or ridiculing the girl for feeling jealous of her mother, with whom she competes and competes for the affection of her father. It is important not to enter the rivalry game, thus avoiding feeling that you have a place that does not belong to you.

Knowing that this is one more phase of our child's evolutionary development, we must try to make her understand that dad is her dad, that he loves her madly but that dad's partner is mom. About 6-7 years old this stage ends and it is from this moment that girls begin to take as a model and referring to mother, their role model, their role model.

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