8 mistakes parents make with children in a restaurant

8 mistakes parents make with children in a restaurant

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Many times it happens, when we have a celebration with family and friends, and we go to a restaurant, that what was going to be a fantastic day of meeting and laughter, turns into a whirlwind of shouts, threats and tears for the behavior that our people have. children at the table. It is not a matter of looking for culprits, but being aware of the mistakes parents make with children in a restaurant.

We all know that children are children and when they get together they behave with a higher excitement, which depending on where you are, can be explosive. In a restaurant, that kind of behavior is quite annoying.

I think it has happened to all of us that at a meal with children we ended up yelling at them, commanding them to shut up, scolding them ... with the consequent discomfort of ourselves and the tables around us!

It is very important that children know and put into practice the minimum rules of education and courtesy at the table, so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant meal; and it is also essential that parents teach them and comply with them.

I must make it clear that I love children, but I also look at these kinds of things so that parents are alert and know how to react. These are the more erroneous situations that parents commit in restaurants and what we should avoid:

1. Select a suitable restaurant
Choose a restaurant with a family atmosphere, that other children go, that there is a distraction or area for your children; Otherwise, you may make the first mistake, and that is that your children do not know how to adapt and behave in an adult restaurant, which would be normal, because for them it is very boring.

2. Be sustainable and consistent with what you bring to the restaurant
When we usually reserve a table, we say 6 adults and 2 children go, and the waiters prepare two high chairs. But what happens many times? Parents arrive with trolleys, diaper holders, the child's toys for the table, their stories, etc. In the end, much more space is needed than we have requested, causing a nuisance to the restaurant.

3. Choose well how to sit at the table
Depending on how the children are, their ages and their maturity, we must avoid that they sit together. We adults seek to get together, leaving all the children to one side of the table, but in the end it is worse, since by not feeling the presence and vigilance of the adult, the excitement, the screams, the throwing of food begin ...

In this situation and with this distribution, parents are continually getting up to see if they have eaten, to serve them, to scold them. Putting them together seems to give them permission to do whatever they want, but children need to know that they will already have their play time. I suggest that they can be together, but interspersed with the parents next door. This allows them to remain entertained with their friends and watched by adults.

4. Rules for all
In all groups there is always an adult who is assigned the function of distracting the children, playing games, making jokes, using tricks with eating utensils, singing or playing music. It is important for children to know that during the meal period it is necessary to maintain rules of behavior and education and that this also affects the elderly.

5. Control the use of mobile and tablet
In line with the previous point, it is not convenient to leave the mobile or the tablet to the little ones as if it were a babysitter, but if at any time you give in and leave the mobile to be distracted, make sure to listen to the YouTube videos or your children's movies.

6. Set rules
Finishing the meal first does not mean that the little one can get up from the table, go outside, or rush the other children to finish. If your child has finished eating, tell him to stay at the table until the rest is finished and until an adult decides that they can get up.

7. Table hygiene
Before sitting down to eat, you have to go to the bathroom to wash your hands. The child must be accustomed to this healthy habit and that he has to do it before being at the table so as not to disturb nearby tables.

8. Know the food menu
Make sure your child will eat what he asks for. Then there are situations of exchange of dishes between the children, or there is also the moment in which they ask you to give them some of your food, or a "test test" until they like something. This is not educational at all! It is very important that the child takes responsibility for eating what he has ordered. To do this, it can help you to look at the letter beforehand so that the child knows what there is and can choose what he likes and not because the other children have asked for it.

In short, it is very beneficial for them that we practice good manners at the table at home, and be very attentive when we go to a restaurant to organize everything together with the other parents. So we can enjoy a good experience for both children and adults.

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