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Seat belt in pregnancy. What you must not do

Seat belt in pregnancy. What you must not do

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Many pregnant women feel uncomfortable when using the seat belt in the car so they do not use it, some even think that it can generate injuries to the baby in a collision so they don't strain it or put it in the wrong position. These bad habits put the mother and her baby in a dangerous situation, since they are more unprotected in the event of an accident.

Putting the seat belt on in the car is an act that we should do without thinking, even if we make a very short journey. In recent years, a lot of work has been done for road safety, however, there is still work to be done. It is estimated that in Spain traffic accidents can cause the interruption of between 200 and 700 pregnancies each year.

These are some mistakes pregnant moms make with seat belts and that they shouldn't do:

1- Pass the diagonal tape behind the back

2- Sit on the band that goes through the pelvis

3- Use a clip to keep the belt looser

4- Pass the diagonal band under the arm

5- Lower the diagonal band below the shoulder

6- Fasten the bands so that they are looser

It is important to know that both bands must be well positioned and with their correct tension level, since otherwise the belt will not act as it should in the event of a collision, but how should we put the belt on if we are pregnant?

1- The lower or pelvic band should be adjusted as low as possible and tight to the pelvis. It must not be placed on the belly.

2- The upper or diagonal band should go between the two breasts, over the shoulder and avoiding that it rubs the neck.

There are women who, even trying, do not adjust the seat belt properly, for them, other devices and safety elements have been developed, such as a vest for pregnant women which places the seat belt in the proper position.

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