Know the symptoms of childhood diabetes

Know the symptoms of childhood diabetes

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Doctors agree that the earlier diabetes is diagnosed in children, the better for them because it can prevent serious complications and health risks for young children. If your child drinks and urinates more than usual, has re-wetted the bed, loses weight, and has constant blurred vision, irritability, fatigue and tiredness, he or she may be diabetic, although that can only be confirmed by your doctor.

Diabetes remains the second chronic disease that affects children the most. Four out of every ten Spanish children, under 5 years of age, present ketoacidosis at the time of diagnosis, due to the delay in the detection of type 1 diabetes. This figure rises to six out of ten, in children under two years old. The Diabetes Foundation, together with the Spanish Society of Pediatric Endocrinology and the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists, wishes to improve information on the symptoms of this disease, its control and detection.

Carmen Marin, Director of the Foundation, advises that parents, teachers and health professionals begin to suspect that they are in front of a child with diabetes if the child presents:

- Intense thirst

- Need to go to urine frequently

- Wet the bed or diaper excessively

- Tiredness and lack of desire and will to play, etc.

- Irritability

- Blurry vision

- Weight loss with no apparent cause

- Abdominal pain and vomiting

It is necessary to sensitize all families not only about the symptoms of diabetes, but also that once suspected, it is important to carry out capillary blood glucose without delay, and if it is altered, refer the child to a hospital, since a delay at the beginning of treatment increases the risk that the child will develop ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes, a consequence of the lack of insulin in the body, which is characterized by a global metabolic failure of the child. Without proper treatment, the child can go into a coma and even die.

If your child presents symptoms of diabetes, in a few seconds, in health centers and even in pharmacies, it is possible to measure the glucose in the child's blood in a few seconds, after performing a puncture on the fingertip to obtain a Blood drop. If the glucose level is high, the child should be taken to the doctor immediately.

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