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The luck of getting pregnant in February with a boy or a girl

The luck of getting pregnant in February with a boy or a girl

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The month of February is as good as any other to get pregnant, and with this we want to tell you that there are many good things and others that are not so good, almost starting the year with a child growing little by little inside of you. Pregnancy is a wonderful, emotional stage and also full of doubts, the more prepared you have everything and the more questions you can answer, the more confident and calm you will feel.

What does get pregnant in february? How am I going to feel? What is it like to give birth in November? We will answer all these questions so that you know everything you need to know about your pregnancy from the first month to the last.

If you use the conception and fertile days calculators, you can get pregnant more easily and also do it in the month you want. In addition, you can also calculate the time of conception if you want to have a girl or a boy.

How about starting your pregnancy in February? A month as good as any other that has a lot of advantages. Let's see the good and the not so good of starting gestation at this time and let's also see how you are going to feel.

It all depends on each woman, but surely you are going to feel very excited, very happy and also a little scared, and it is that conceiving a child is wonderful and at the same time very uncertain. Let's analyze in a little more detail what each trimester of gestation would be like if your pregnancy begins in February.

- The first trimester of pregnancy will go from February to April
The first months of your pregnancy will coincide with the end of winter and the beginning of spring, so, if the sunny days do not wait, you may not need to buy a lot of warm maternity clothes, cool right?

On the other hand, you will have to take good care of yourself to avoid colds, flu and other diseases typical of winter. Follow a healthy and balanced diet and talk to your loved ones about your feelings whenever you need to. Pregnancy, especially in the first stage, is marked by great hormonal changes.

Another of the changes that you may notice in this first stage are nausea and discomfort. We advise you to eat five meals a day, not very copious and to rest a little after each of them so that you take it as well as possible.

- When the second trimester of pregnancy goes from May to July
Get yourself a few comfortable clothes and get ready to go out for long walks. During May and June the weather is excellent, not too cold, not too hot, which is going to be great for you. Enjoy as much as you can, it is in this period that the nausea has gone (or at least has decreased a lot) and that the belly has not yet grown too much, it is time to think about you, your child and have fun. Perfect!

You should also know that in this period, due to increased blood flow, the gums may be more prone to bleeding. Do not panic! It is something normal that does not have any gravity. Just brush your teeth gently, don't over floss, and save your mouth cleaning for when your baby is born.

- Third trimester of pregnancy, from August to October
Towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy and the beginning of the third, summer will be in full swing. If you are a woman who does not usually take the heat well, you will notice it even more now that you are in condition. Relax, there are a number of things you can do to carry it as best as possible, the first of them, arm yourself with patience, the heat feels much more when you carry a creature inside you, but it is only for a while, then everything will come back to be like before.

Remember to drink plenty of water, go outside for a walk when the sun has gone down, eat healthy and indulge yourself and take care of your skin perfectly to avoid spots and stretch marks: factor 50 sunscreen and quality moisturizer for the night.

From September to October, when the heat is no longer so suffocating, you are going to live the final stretch of your pregnancy, just the respite you need to be able to have everything ready. If you notice that your legs and ankles are swelling from fluid retention, take a little walk each day and put your feet up every now and then.

If your pregnancy began in February, the approximate delivery date is in November, when the cold has already arrived, (if you want to calculate more precisely when your child will be born, you can use the delivery date calculator). You have nothing to worry about, just bundle up and do the same with your newborn baby to protect it from bad weather. Have everything prepared at least two months before the baby is born, the crib, the car, their clothes, yours for breastfeeding ... There are many things to take into account and you must do it with plenty of time to avoid stress.

The good news is that when spring comes around your little one will be five months old, a real explorer wanting to go to the park to play with his mother.

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