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The iguana, the toad and the chattering frog. Rhyming stories for children

The iguana, the toad and the chattering frog. Rhyming stories for children

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"The iguana, the toad and the chattering frog" is a funny story with rhyme for children that will make you spend a fun time with your family. It is a funny story starring three animals that share a pond.

In addition to enjoying this children's story, we propose a series of games and activities with which you can continue laughing and learning together.

When it dawned, every morning, the iguana jumped up to the branch. He jumped up and down another, and when he fell into the water he screamed and swam, making a great uproar in the forest.

He passed by there, two weeks later, a big toad and a dwarf frog with greenish skin and a great reputation for being talkative. He got into the water without stopping talking and almost immediately went to gag. The iguana in the tree began to scream when it saw the frog begin to choke.

- What's wrong frog? Jump on the vine and stop talking! That you are going to drown!

- Get out of the water frog! - The toad also shouted. And shut your mouth you're drowning!

Without stopping talking in one go the frog grabbed onto the vine, and made it very clear that in addition to being a dwarf, as they said she was talkative.

Enjoying a story is not just about sitting down together to read it ... There are many more fun activities with which you can have a good time as a family. Here we propose some.

1. Reading comprehension questions
First of all, we suggest some reading comprehension questions with which you will know if your child has been attentive to the story you have read. In case you doubt any of the answers, you can reread the story now paying attention to the details we asked about.

- What was the iguana doing on the branch every morning?

- What two animals came to see the iguana?

- Why was the frog drowning in water?

2. Curtain up!
Why don't you organize a theater based on this rhyming tale? We suggest you create some improvised puppets with cardboard and some sticks (they can be lollipop sticks, chopsticks, pediatrician sticks ...).

Together, draw a picture of an iguana, a frog and a toad on a cardboard. Be creative and use all the colors you want. Cut it out and, for the part where it is blank, use some masking tape to stick the stick. In this way, you can move your homemade puppet. Learn the action and dialogues of the story ... and let the show begin!

3. A story based on each character
This children's story has three characters, each with different features. You can choose one of them and invent an alternative story in which he is the protagonist. For example, we would stay with the chattering frog, who was very hungry because whenever he shared a table with his friends, he would run out of food from talking so much. All his friends ate it!

4. The companions of the pond ...
With our next game you will satisfy the natural curiosity of your children. We suggest that you do some research on the Internet beforehand and tell him some of the most curious facts about these animals. For example, did you know that there are about 4,000 different types of frogs around the world? Did you know that there is a type of toad called a 'runner'? And did you know that iguanas have great eyesight?

5. More stories starring frogs and toads
And, to finish, we have made a small compilation with other stories by starring these cute characters.

- The toad and the heron
This children's story talks about generosity and empathy. It will teach your child a valuable lesson that will make them reflect: he enjoys giving more than receiving.

- Little frog, the frog
This children's story will make your children think about the need to respect all the people who are different from us.

- Toad spots
This is a beautiful legend from Uruguay that talks about ego and pride. It is a very useful resource to educate your children in values ​​and talk to them about such detestable defects as pride. Legend has it that many, many years ago, toads did not have spots on their skin ...

Do you want to continue reading stories? In We have made a fabulous compilation with animal stories ideal for the little ones in the house.

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