Popcorn with Nocilla for snack. Children's recipes

Popcorn with Nocilla for snack. Children's recipes

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The Popcorn They are very easy to make and even more so now that they are ready in a bag to be made in the microwave. But you can also give a special touch with Nocilla to our popcorn that will delight our children.

A little bit of Nocilla and butter we can give popcorn a unique flavor, and all this in just 10 minutes.


  • 1 bag of microwave popcorn
  • 15 gr. by Nocilla original
  • 5 gr. of butter
  • Tips: you can divide the popcorn into two containers and sprinkle one with salt and another with sugar. You will notice the difference but both flavors are delicious. Kids will love one as well as the other

Go ahead and try the chocolate popcorn, a delight for the palate when mixing sweet with salty, for children.

1. Pour a drizzle of olive oil in a saucepan and put it over medium heat.

2. Open the bag of popcorn and pour a handful into the saucepan.

3. Cover the saucepan and move it so that the corn kernels are heated on all sides. In a little while they will begin to explode. When 5 seconds pass without popping any grain, the popcorn is ready.

4. On the other hand, dilute the butter with the Nocilla in a saucepan over low heat.

5. Put the popcorn in a bowl and spread it with the Nocilla and the butter until it is well impregnated. Stir and serve.

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