The shocking behavior of a mother with whom you will identify

The shocking behavior of a mother with whom you will identify

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When you become a mother, you realize how strong you can be and how much your body can withstand, and that is that, despite the sleepless nights, you stay on your feet. Of course, there are times when lack of sleep can play tricks on you, as has happened to the protagonist of this article. Do you want to know what is the behavior of a mother with whom you will feel identified?

I remember when I went to work after my maternity leave. I met a colleague in the corridors of the office and began to talk to her quietly. Suddenly, he asked me "Why are you moving from one place to another?" It was amazing! I had spent the last five months of my life with my little girl in my arms to breastfeed her and to try to put her to sleep that I had already incorporated this movement into my life and it came out alone!

Something similar is what happened to the protagonist of one of the latest viral phenomena seen on Facebook, something that makes us laugh because any mother can feel more than identified.

Everything happens in the dining room of the woman who has just become a mother. She holds her baby in her arms, while she is watching television for a while but ... suddenly what no one expected happens! The woman begins to move the child's rocking chair or hammock without him sitting on it, indeed, she is holding him in her arms. It is only when her husband asks her, "What are you doing? Did you ask for the head?", That the new mother realizes that her behavior does not make sense and she laughs.

The video has generated a lot of funny comments and other worrying ones, but above all it is a sample of the consequences that the first months of babies in their lives have for parents. And you, what opinion do you have?

No matter whether it is the first, second or third child, the first months of motherhood are often exhausting for parents, but especially for the mother. The little one has nocturnal awakenings every so often and asks to eat, too, in short intervals of time.

All this supposes an accumulation of fatigue for the woman and a lack of reflexes. Comical situations like the one described above can occur, but also other dangerous ones. To avoid them, here are some tips to help you, if you are the one who is going through this situation, or so that it is you who gives a hand to that woman who just became a mother.

- Housework
In addition to caring for the baby, the new mother has to cope with housework: cooking, ironing, putting the washing machines, going shopping ... family? This way she can take a little rest or shower with ease.

- Gestures of affection
Many times it serves with a hug or a smile to show support for that woman. After having the little one, the female hormones are revolutionized and the woman needs a lot of affection and a lot of love. Show her that you are there!

- Do not judge
Although children do not come with an instruction manual under their arms, it seems that everyone knows more about motherhood than you do. If you want to help a woman who has just become a mother, never tell her what she has or does not have to do and, above all, do not judge.

- Surprises in the right measure
It is good that you want to surprise that friend or cousin who has just become a mother or, if you are the father, that you want to awaken the smile on her face but ... beware of surprises, ideas! Many times they can turn against her because she is not going to be comfortable.

And above all, woman who just became a motherIf you find yourself in a situation of extreme exhaustion, ask for help!

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