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Dynamite candy bags for superhero children's parties

Dynamite candy bags for superhero children's parties

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These sweets ... ARE DYNAMITE! And they are perfect as a souvenir of the best themed birthday party in the world. We tell you how to prepare these dynamite candy bags Step by Step. If your child is an absolute fan of superhero children's parties, you have to learn to make them.

In addition, being a craft that we can do with the little ones in the house, the development of fine motor skills, teamwork and imagination is encouraged. To make a very original candy wrap Bang! And thus surprise our guests, we need:


  • sweets and candies
  • bubble wrap
  • red eva rubber
  • transparent tape
  • black duct tape
  • scissors
  • rope

Before you start making these original candy bags, we have to give you a warning: Be careful, they could explode at any moment! Put on your super explosion-proof gloves ... and go for it! With a little skill, these candy bags will look fabulous. The most original gift for your birthday party!

1. Start rolling a few knickknacks in bubble wrap giving it a cylinder shape. The cylinder should be 20 cm long. Repeat this step 2 more times, for a total of 3 tubes. We have calculated 3 cylinders for each guest to the party, since each of them is quite narrow and does not fit too many candies.

2. Roll up each of the cylinders in red eva rubber and secure it with transparent tape in the middle and ends, as if it were a tube. This will be used to make the sticks of dynamite.

3. Group the 3 tubes and join them by gluing black adhesive tape around. Glue 3 strips: one in the middle and one more at each end.

4. To make it look more real, place a piece of string in the top center of the 3 tubes. Now they really look like real sticks of dynamite! And full of trinkets ... What more could you ask for?

5. To finish, draw a sign and write an onomatopoeia like those that appear in superhero comics: BANG !, PAFF !, BOOM! Paste it and you will get a final result, very fun!

Remember that you can make bags of different colors using eva rubber in different shades, you can put more or less dynamite cartridges, you can put different onomatopoeias ...

If you don't want to give children too much sugar, you can put many other things inside these dynamite bags. They can even be used to organize the odd game so that the little superheroes who participate in your super party can enjoy it even more.

1. Put little gifts
Instead of trinkets, you can put small gifts that will make children very excited. We refer to small details such as hair clips, bouncy balls, noisemakers, small flags, whistles, small plastic dolls, etc. Imagination to the power!

2. Small-scale origami figures
Another very original solution could be to fill these bags of dynamite with Origami figures made by yourself. Boats, bow ties, swans ... Of course, keep in mind that you will have to start making these bags in advance, because the origami figures can take you more time and work than expected.

3. A special superpower
As we told you, the bags can also be used to organize original activities for your party. You can have fun with the super power game. Write on different papers that fit inside the bags (we leave you a very funny example of how it could be) different superpowers. Give a bag to each child, who will have to exercise their super power throughout the party (or at least for a little while).

They can be all kinds of superpowers, always taking into account the age of the children involved: the power to go limp, the power not to say 'yes' and 'no', the power to take a leap every time. somebody ask a question ... it'll be a lot of fun!

4. Find your partner
Another game that you can propose through these bags of goodies is the classic 'find your partner'. It will be especially entertaining if there are many participants in your party, since it will be more difficult to find your partner.

To prepare this game, you will have to print or draw couples of superheroes on sticker papers. Try not to be too obvious pairs so that the children have to think a bit. You can put Superman on one paper and kryptonite on another, Spiderman on one and a spider on another ... Give the children their sticker, which they will have to stick on the chest, inside these bags of dynamite at different times than throughout the party, so they have to be vigilant.

If you want to motivate children, you can also pose math problems. In some papers you put operations (14 + 18, 24: 2, 5x20 ...) and in others the solutions.

You will have a great time at your superhero party!

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