The fantastic Robinson method for children to learn to study

The fantastic Robinson method for children to learn to study

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What is the first thing that comes to mind if I tell you EPL2R? You would probably think it was a riddle or a hieroglyph, but nothing like that! It is a famous learning technique that I want to tell you about today. Maybe you know her more as Robinson method, for children to learn to study on their own at home.

He Robinson method it is a learning strategy used in many American universities. It is a very useful technique for children, from home, to acquire tools to learn to study on their own. The benefits of the Robinson methodthey are multiple:

- It allows to reduce the study time of the child.

- It favors the understanding of what has to be studied.

- Increases the ability to assume new concepts.

- Develops the child's critical capacity.

It must be said that it is a method that takes time to master, but that once you have practice, it becomes the best way to achieve your desired goals: studying without memorizing and understanding everything.

Is Learning strategy world-famous is based on five phases: explore, ask, read, recite and review. Next, I will explain what each of them consists of so that you can get the most out of it:

1. Explore
In this first part of the method, the child must do a quick reading of the chapter that he has to study, paying close attention to the main headlines of each section. It is a way to get an idea of ​​what you have to study.

2. Ask
Now comes the time to do a second reading, but this time in more detail, to try to understand as many concepts as possible. Probably, this time there are things that are not entirely clear, but nothing happens because it is the true objective of this second reading: to write down the concepts or terms that are not well understood to ask the teachers questions about them.

Through the questions, what we will achieve is that the child does not learn things by heart and because he puts it in the book, but will reason and it will be easier for him to assimilate the lesson in general. In addition, through possible doubts, the child's critical capacity is worked on.

3. Read
We return to stand in front of the book, but this time with pencil, highlighter or pen in hand, to make a third reading of the topic in question. It is the favorite of many children, because touching highlight the most important concepts of the topic to start getting a clearer idea.

4. Recite
After three readings, it is time to see what concepts we have been able to retain! To do this, you have to recite what you have learned aloud. The child can do it alone in his room, stand in front of the mirror, do it in front of mom or dad or, to make it more fun at first, record it in a voice memo on the mobile phone or through a video so that, later, it can be view and correct possible errors.

Be careful because here the objective is not for the child to recite word for word what he says in the book (this is only valid to learn dates, formulas or specific names), but to tell in his own words what he has learned to date, And it is useless to memorize something if you do not understand its meaning.

5. Review
And we come to the last part ofRobinson method: the review, a practice that will be done before the exam and at the end of each topic to see if the rest of the phases have been worked well. Not because it is the last phase is the least important, and it is that the Reviewing increases the ability to remember what was seen so far and guarantees a better assimilation of both the content reviewed and the new content that can be seen in this fifth phase.

You want to know other learning techniques that will help children to study in a fun and easy way?

- Loci method
More than a method, specialists classify it as an infallible strategy for children to acquire the ability to remember the greatest amount of information in an agile way. He Loci method it is based on the fact that things are better remembered if they are integrated into a narrative of things, in order to achieve a greater assimilation of concepts.

Memory palace
It is a technique that is quite reminiscent of the Loci method, but in this case instead of using a route, here what is asked of the person is to create a palace with different rooms inside their head and each one of them will be assigned a Lesson to learn.

- Story technique
It is ideal for when the little one has to memorize a lot of names that can be unconnected, and it is that through the technique of the story we can create a story where all these concepts are included and thus are easier to memorize.

And you, which of these study methods do you prefer: Robinson method, Loci method, memory palace or story technique?

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