What do poetry and verses bring to the lives of children?

What do poetry and verses bring to the lives of children?

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Experts recommend bringing poetry to children from the earliest stages, why? What benefits does poetry bring in childhood? Rhyming songs, short poems, funny poems, all of this children can get great advantages.

One day I was amazed when my mother could perfectly remember the source and mouth of all the rivers in Spain. I barely remembered a couple of them, while my mom recited them in a rush. How was it possible, I should remember better than her, since I had them fresher? The answer was that she was taught it in short, rhyming phrases, by way of poetry or song and, to me, no.

1. Promotes memory
Among the enormous benefits a child can gain from reading and memorizing poetry is the ability to remember what they have read forever. Although, at first, the child may not understand it, meditate on it or interpret it correctly, the time will come when he will recognize that vocabulary used in 'the pirate's song' or will understand what a metaphor means like: 'the teeth of the beloved are pearls '.

2. Stimulates language
Reading poetry may require a certain reading maturity to understand poetic language well, but even so, poetry, when absorbed from a young age, favors the child's understanding and expressiveness, and encourages them to make their own creations: playing with language, create your own rhymes, use your imagination through the use of figurative language, or express feelings such as joy, sadness, love, etc.

3. Helps to understand the world
Poetry, as a literary work, helps children to have an aesthetic education, a sensitivity to understand and interpret the world, in addition to significantly improving their vocabulary, expression and spelling.

There are many poems aimed at children, they usually use easy phrases, consonant rhymes, very visual images, well-defined musicality and rhythm.

4. Promotes the understanding of feelings
Reading and rereading poetry will always bring something new to our child, since the mood or the company can change our feelings. What's more, it helps children understand the different sensations: joy, sadness, love, hate ...

5. Stimulate the imagination
Everything in poetry has meaning and meaning: Silences, rhythms, rhymes, themes ..., and everything is at the service of stimulating the imagination, memory, interpretive capacity, aesthetics and creativity of our children.

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