Why educate children from love. The affective is effective

Why educate children from love. The affective is effective

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When we speak of parenting in the jargon of families, we are referring to the act of caring for, feeding and educating our sons and daughters. These three actions imply a great responsibility towards our little ones and it is necessary to be aware of this and to know how I want to take care of my little one, how I want to feed him and how I want to educate him. I bet on educate children from love, because education from affection is much more effective.

Today there are various methods that speak of parenting, and also, within each family there are variations. It is important that as mothers and fathers we reflect on it and we are very clear what we want and how we want it. But to practice something, it is necessary to know it before and also believe in it.

Something very curious happens with fatherhood and motherhood. And it is that you begin to practice being a father or mother once you are already a father or mother, that is, it is the only 'profession' that begins with practice rather than theory.

Do you think that it is better educated with a shout or with an affectionate word? Do you think punishment or a reasonable consequence is better? Any educational or parenting method must start from affection. And it is that affection is one of the most important psychological components of our life, affection understood as love: the love of a mother towards her child, the love of a couple that makes you feel more alive than ever or the love of a friend in hard times.

I firmly believe that the affective is effective. And this phrase that, from my friend and great Spanish teacher, Manuel Andrade Cordero, I borrow with his permission, should be a mantra that all mothers and fathers and of course teachers, we would have to repeat in our day to day.

Therefore, below you will find some tips that will help you achieve an educational method based on affection. There are six keys that are essential when educating children from love.

1. Listen to your child with kindness and without judging him
Let him speak calmly while he tells you and look him in the eye at that moment. Devote your attention to him or her.

2. Allow your emotional brain to connect with your emotional brain
Empathize with him, listen to his emotion and consider it valid.

3. Let your inner child flow in situations that require it
Become a boy or a girl at some point, dress up with him or her, do theater with him, dance together ...

4. Educate firmly
Firmness is not contrary to love, nor are limits at odds with love. Remember that a child needs rules and requires that you give them to him.

5. Don't use blackmail
Life is not about that, let's not teach the blackmail method that our children can later use with their friends, with their parents or with their future partner.

6. Reflect on punishments
Leave the punishments, and if you cannot avoid it, reflect on whether they really serve for your son or daughter to learn what is necessary at that moment. There are other alternatives to punishment, I invite you to investigate positive discipline.

Remember to put affection, remember to put love in everything you do. Life without love is nothing.

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