First aid

What to do in case of accidents with children

What to do in case of accidents with children

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Children are very prone to accidents during childhood. Falls, bumps and scratches are very common in their day to day, while playing, running or jumping. Therefore, it is very important that parents are prepared to help them in case of accidents. has prepared a range of information on how to act when children choke, bump, twist their ankle, or suffer some other accident while awaiting medical guidance.

Parents must be prepared to deal with all these home accidents. Know some tricks of first aid it never hurts.

1. Poisoning by toxic products. In case of poisoning, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible or consult an orientation service that the city where you live may offer. In Spain, for example, you can contact the Institute of Toxicology in Madrid, telephone (91) 562 04 20, to inform you about what you should do.

- If the toxic product has fallen on the child's skin, it must be washed with plenty of water.

- If the child is unconscious, suffers seizures or has ingested a product such as bleach, oil or any of its derivatives, vomiting should not be caused under any circumstances.

2. Suffocation. A very common mistake when the child has ingested something that he should not is trying to remove the object with his fingers, something that must be tried to avoid when choking. If it is a very young child, hold him by the feet looking down, and hit him on the back at shoulder height. If, despite everything, he does not expel the object, he must be transferred urgently to a hospital. In the case of an older child, it is better to take him directly to the doctor.

3. Fall. Children do not stop, and falls are normal. If it is a contusion or blow, it is advisable to put an ice pack or cold water on the affected area, while if the fall has gone further and there is a fracture, try to immobilize the damaged limb with a rigid object, such as a stick or stake, until you reach the hospital.

4. Intoxication by accidental taking of medicines. In the event that the child has a small poisoning from medications, vomiting can be caused in the child, but as long as the ingestion is recent. If this cannot be done, try to find out the type of medicine the child has taken, whether it is liquid or in pills, as well as the amount and time elapsed until that moment. Immediately, they must be transferred to a hospital, providing them with the same information.

5. Electric shock. The plugs are something that usually attract the attention of all children, so you have to try to disconnect the current with the switch or try to remove the injured person using insulating objects, such as wood, rubber ..., except in cases of high voltage . Never try to touch it with your hands directly, because you could also get a shock. If you are not breathing, you can always use the first aid technique, and if there is cardiac arrest, perform an external massage, until the doctor arrives.

6. Burns from fire. If the child has been burned, prevent him from running away and try to roll him on the ground, covering him with a blanket. The remains of burned clothing, which are still attached to your skin, should not be removed. However, you should try to heal the burns with a sterile gauze or clean cloth. Never apply ointments or home remedies without first consulting your doctor. The child must be taken immediately to the hospital.

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