The girl's slippers. Short poem for children about generosity

The girl's slippers. Short poem for children about generosity

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All parents want our children to be generous and supportive, to help the people around them without asking for anything in return. However, in order for them to become so, we must make them understand what generosity is and work with this value. To do this, once again, we turn to children's stories and poetry, two very useful tools for educate in values to our kids. On this occasion we propose a beautiful short poem entitled "The girl's slippers".

Following the verses, we also propose other stories, poems, legends and fables with which to continue working on the value of generosity and solidarity with children.

scared, one to another,

the girl no longer wants them

because it says they are broken.

But they are almost new!

Why do you want to throw them away?

- says the mother to the girl -

You could give them away.

the girl who lives next door,

it's a poor family

Have you never noticed?

His mother's words

they have made him reflect,

her little blue shoes

the neighbor will give.

And her new sneakers

because they are no longer broken,

at the foot of his bed

they will continue for longer.

The slippers were heard

relieved sigh,

when they saw that the girl

with them he went to wear shoes.

Before continuing to talk with your child about the value of generosity, we propose some easy reading comprehension questions with which you will know if the child has paid attention to reading. In case you don't know the answers, we suggest that you read the poem again, this time a little more slowly so that you have time to understand everything that is written. To get their attention, you can read it by putting music on it, you can each read a verse, you can draw it while you read it ... Surely now they will know how to answer these questions.

1. Why doesn't the girl want the slippers?

2. The neighbor needs the shoes because her family has no money, true or false?

3. The girl decides to give the neighbor the slippers, true or false?

4. Why did you decide to stay in your new shoes longer?

Below you will find more resources to continue working on the value of generosity with children.

- A lettuce is not a dish
One day, Matías discovers Don Gusano on his plate. What will he do? Will you get it off your plate? This child will learn an important lesson in generosity that will make your children reflect on how important it is to reach out to those who need it.

- Pedrito, the snail, and the slug
A slug is amazed at the precious shell of the snail Pedrito, so he decides to help him find one for her. In the end, he has a kind and empathetic gesture and decides to share his own shell with his friend the slug.

- At recess
Many children find it difficult to share and this short poem speaks precisely about it. It poses a very close situation for the little ones: the time of recess when all the children take out their snack or lunch.

- The horse and the ass
The moral of this fable will make your children reflect on the need to be supportive. It tells the story of a donkey and a horse that are carrying a heavy load for a farmer. The poor donkey needs help, but the horse just ignores him. How will the story end?

- The children of the farmer
Teaching this story will help children understand that unity is strength. And it is that when we all work together, and help each other, we are stronger and capable of everything. Read this fable with your children and take the opportunity to ask them how they would have acted if they had been the children of the farmer.

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