The development of children's creativity

The development of children's creativity

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Imagination is one of the great treasures of childhood. Promoting the development of children's creativity is essential for them, since this significant capacity that we associate with children helps them to express themselves, to develop their abstract thinking and, also, it will be essential when it comes to solving problems and relating better to others throughout their lives .

exist multiple conceptions about creativity. Some speak of creativity as a process, others of the characteristics of a product, some of a certain type of personality ... What is clear, according to Stenberg and Lubart, is that creativity is related to the generation of ideas that are relatively new, appropriate and of high quality. That is, it is about producing novel and original responses to any type of problem in all areas of humanity, which is not an easy task and, therefore, requires training and development, as it is "something" that we all have differently. measure.

As teachers who want our students to be able to think for themselves and generate creative ideas, we have a lot to offer them, it simply requires a little effort on our part to:

1. Encourage them to generate personal ideas about any situation that we talk about in class. All ideas must be well received and it is important dare to make mistakes.

2. Promote the freedom of expression in our class.

3. Invite them to think crazy ideas different from the usual ones. Let's talk about crazy things, since only the craziest are capable of innovating.

4. Facilitate teamwork. Many times, two minds think more than one, let us share reasoning to expand our possibilities. The opinions of others enrich ours.

5. Favor the experimentation of what we are learning. When I do it myself I am able to contribute new proposals because I am living it.

6. Try talk about real problems among all, looking for a possible solution to them. So little by little we learn to apply our creativity to our real life, which will be very useful in the future.

7. And above all, do not forget that we are all potentially creative... we just need to know how to develop and unlock our creative qualities.

- It is important to start as soon as possible, because in the first moments, months and years of life, each contact, each movement and each emotion implies an immense electrical and chemical activity in the brain, since billions of neurons are organizing themselves in networks that establish billions of synapses between them.

For this reason, it is during the stage of early childhood education when more changes occur in children in all areas: physical, motor, cognitive, linguistic, affective and social. And, for all this, it is advisable to start as soon as possible to enhance the creativity of our children in the following way:

- The most important is to play. Through play, the imagination and emotions of the little ones can flow and flow out, in ways as beautiful as painting a picture in which pirates, fairies and giants come to life.

- Forget about books and manuals to follow, relax and spend quality time with your child.

- Get at their height, play together, imagine, let go, improvise, open your heart and let your emotions out ... there is no better exercise than this to fuel the creativity of our children.

- Go ahead freedom to develop your imagination and respect their learning time. This freedom can be achieved in many common situations, for example, when he has a new toy, do not give him a model, first let him explore and try all the possibilities, he will surely surprise us; Ask him absurd situations in daily routines such as the bathroom or use the magic of a wand with which to convert his toys ...

'In moments of crisis only imagination is more important than knowledge' (A. Einstein).

- Ana Carballal Pérez (Psychopedagogue)
- Marta Serrano Acosta (Psychologist and Expert in Early Intervention)
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