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What it's like to get pregnant in December, the good and not so good

What it's like to get pregnant in December, the good and not so good

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The year is ending, but there are still chances of get pregnant in december. Do you want to have a child? In We will tell you how the pregnancy will go quarter by quarter, with all the good (and not so good). Knowing how many more details in the coming months, as well as when the due date is estimated, will help you feel more calm. Shall we start?

It is not the same to get pregnant in summer than to do it when Christmas has arrived. That is the premise with which we have oriented this guide, that you know in detail how the pregnancy will be according to the month in which it begins. Now it's December's turn. Let's see what to expect in each of the quarters.

If your pregnancy test comes back positive in December ... congratulations! The first trimester will go from December to February, the second from March to May and the last from June to August, so the approximate delivery date will be in September. What does all this entail? Well what you are going to live the most beautiful experience there is and that you have nine months ahead of you to prepare yourself and have everything ready for your baby to be born. We are here to help you!

1. The first trimester of pregnancy will be from December to February

You and your baby are going to be the center of all the attention this Christmas, and that is, when you tell the whole family that you are going to be one more, no one will be able to think of anything else. This is how you are going to spend the first period of pregnancy, telling your family and friends the good news and trying to believe that a small being grows within you that already fills your whole heart with love. Will it be a boy or a girl? What will your eyes be like? And your smile? That's to speak of the name you are going to choose. It's all good news!

Try not to eat too much at Christmas, although you may not notice anything new now that you are in condition, you will not benefit from indulgence and binge eating. Avoid raw foods, unpasteurized foods and wash fruits and vegetables well, it is the best way don't catch toxoplasmosis.

One of the common symptoms in this first trimester of pregnancy is an increased urge to pee. Frequent urination is due to the appearance of placental hormones and the kidneys more easily remove waste from the body. Don't hold back, go to the bathroom as much as you need.

2. Take note, the second trimester of pregnancy will go from March to May

Perhaps this is the least heavy trimester, the nausea typical of the previous stage is gone, the belly grows but not too much, you feel happy and energetic and time is with you. It is time to think about you and to take advantage of this very good period as much as you can. A walk after work with your partner, a sweet from time to time as a whim and all the pampering that your loved ones want to give you. How good it sounds!

Prepare everything you will need when your child is born, there are many things and you have to do them in time so as not to overwhelm you: his room, his clothes for the first months of life, the crib, the car to go out for a walk ... Yes There is already a child in your family and they can leave you these things, they will be welcome!

Due to the volume that little by little your gut will gain, surely you have had to change the way you walk. The point of gravity changes as the pregnancy progresses; maintaining good posture is essential to avoid back pain, leave the heels on for a while!

3. Third trimester of pregnancy from June to August, there is less to come!

The final stretch of your pregnancy has arrived and it did so in summer. What's good and bad about this? Well, you will be able to cool off in the water of the pools and the sea, that you will be able to take a pleasant walk when the sun goes down and that you will be able to have a delicious ice cream from time to time. The bad thing is that you will notice much more heat, that your feet may swell due to fluid retention and thatIt will cost you more to sleep at night. You have no choice but to arm yourself with patience and take things slowly. When your child is born, everything will go back to the way it was before.

At this stage, due to the onset of cervical dilation, the mucous plug may be expelled, a kind of mucous discharge that is usually accompanied by small strands of blood. This does not mean that labor has begun, in fact, it may still take several days, but it does indicate that it is already approaching. Have your bag ready with everything you need for when it's time to go to the hospital.

During pregnancy it is important to go to check-ups with the gynecologist and midwife. They will make sure everything goes smoothly. However, it doesn't hurt that yourself do some monitoring of your pregnancy, week by week. It is the best way to notice the changes that your body is undergoing and get excited about them. In addition, this way you can detect problems as soon as they begin to be noticed.

One of the details that you must pay attention to, without becoming obsessed with it, is the your weight. As the weeks go by, the scale will show you higher figures. But, are you at the correct weight for the time of pregnancy you are in? Check it out with our ideal pregnancy weight calculator.

Summer leaves us and the month of September arrives, the most beautiful for you from now on because it will be when you give birth to your son. Watch for signs that labor has begun: vaginal bleeding, regular painful contractions, ruptured bursa, or general discomfort. You will also have to go to the hospital if you notice any other symptoms that you have not felt until now. There are women who try to wait until the last minute to go to the hospital, and then it happens to them like that mother who gave birth in the hall!

Congratulations dear mom! Your child has been born, you can now take him in your arms, give him a big kiss full of love and look him in the eyes and tell him how much you love him. What is the most beautiful feeling you have ever felt?

It is time for you to take care of your baby and for you to take care of yourself too. It is common after childbirth to be sad due to fatigue, hormonal changes and all the emotions experienced. Do not be afraid to share this feeling with your partner and familyAlso, don't be afraid to ask your midwife or doctor for advice if you see that your day-to-day life is difficult.

Your child was born in September and it is not very cold yet, but you should already prepare your warm clothes and his for when he arrives, so you will avoid colds and flu. Would you like to go for a walk with your child? Ahead! It will be the first of the many plans you are going to make with your baby.

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