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When new technologies threaten your family privacy

When new technologies threaten your family privacy

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The way our children interact and new technologies bring other people into our home almost every day. Do we realize that this opens a debate about the privacy of our conversations? When new technologies threaten your family privacy and it is no longer so intimate and personal.

The other day I walked into my son's room and all of a sudden, I heard a father scolding his son forcefully saying that he was going to turn off the game console. Obviously that father could not imagine that what he was speaking in the privacy of his home was reaching my ears tens of kilometers from his home.

In ten minutes I went into my daughter's bedroom and told her to come downstairs for dinner. She put her finger to her mouth as a sign of silence to shut me up, and she was studying on her mobile with her friend through Facetime.

Our children are used to talking on headphones or the console speaker with other children and also doing direct on Instagram in which others are seeing details of the houses and living part of what happens in them. This new way of communicating forces us to have to regulate these conversations to protect the privacy of the family.

What can we do about it? How to explain and alert our children to the lack of intimacy that these actions bring? And, above all, how can we prevent this situation from getting out of hand?

  • Let them warn you
    It is important that they let us know when someone can listen to us in other houses, so as not to face that vulnerability, since we are talking and thinking that only our children listen to us and, however, they may be listening to us in five different houses.
  • Don't make open videos
    Make sure that the accounts they have on social networks are private, since otherwise any stranger could access the live broadcasts they do.
  • Do not insult through the microphone
    It is very common for children to get "nervous" playing the video game console and attack dialectically with their teammates. Educate them in respect for others and teach them to manage their emotions when they are playing.
  • No details of the house are shown
    The videos show a lot of visual data that can identify where the children are, what belongings they have, where they live or if they are on vacation, making it easy for thieves ... Tell them that they have to take care of these details and not show any image that could give clues about the place from where they record the video or any data that may endanger their security. Do not teach aspects of your identity and your life!
  • Do not talk to strangers
    Inform them about the dangers of talking to strangers through the game console. Behind the profile of a child, an adult can hide. Also tell them not to accept requests from people they don't know.
  • Do not give personal data
    Tell them that in their conversations they do not talk about personal information about you or other family members, such as names, home addresses or telephone numbers.
  • Stop talking if someone bothers you
    Inform them that if in a telematic conversation someone makes them feel bad or uncomfortable about something, they should immediately leave the conversation and inform their parents of that matter. Let them feel that you can help them in these matters!

Follow these tips and teach your children to protect family privacy at home and to detect some dangers that may be encountered with your video communications in order to avoid them.

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