The lazy ant. Short poem for children who do not help at home

The lazy ant. Short poem for children who do not help at home

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Children can and should help at home, although many resist it. As they get older, your children can take on different household tasks: picking up their toys, setting the table, cleaning the dust, walking the family pet ... In this way, we will all collaborate at home, we will work on responsibility and autonomy of the children and we will promote teamwork. All those kids who don't help at home should read this short poem entitled "The Lazy Ant".

After the poetry, we have collected more resources and tools that will help your children to collaborate more in the housework.

The trunk of a palm tree

that they know nothing about each other,

they are not friends at all.

They grumbled at each other

because he got there first

always the same one cleaned

the dust of the anthill.

I left everything in order

and when i came home

I found it messy.

Protested and protested

the very angry ant,

and finally decided to shut up

Well, it was useless.

That change in attitude

made the ant think

and the one who was lazy

began to collaborate.

Dusted, washed dishes,

put pretty vases,

ordered the whole house

and on the table this sign

I like your company

and from that moment

peace and harmony reigned.

The first thing we propose are some reading comprehension questions to find out if your little ones have paid attention to everything that happens to the ants protagonists of this poem.

- Where did the two ants live?

- Why was one of the ants so angry?

- What made the other ant realize that it had to change its behavior?

- Did they end up happy or did they get angry again?

Also, here you will find some exercises related to the poem. They will help your children to review some of the lessons they have learned in school!

- Find at least one of the following words: a verb, a noun, an adjective, a preposition and a conjunction.

As a complementary activity to these, you can propose the following activities to your children:

- Memorize and recite the poem in front of friends or family. It is a gift that is always very exciting!

- Make a picture that illustrates the story of the lazy ant.

- Use this poem (or half of it) to dictate to your children. This is an exercise with many benefits for children, since it allows them to improve their spelling, calligraphy and concentration, among others.

- Keep inventing more stanzas for the poem. How would the story of this ant continue? Think of an alternative ending or keep writing verses to complete the story.

Children who help at home will become more successful adults in the future. At least that's what the former dean of Stanford University saysJulie Lythcott-Haims. Either for this reason or because it is beneficial for the little ones in the house to collaborate more, we must encourage children to do their bit in daily chores.

How? Keep these tips in mind.

- Assign each of your children a task that suits his age well. For example, you cannot ask a two-year-old to make the bed.

- The habits They are very important to instill in children the need to carry out household chores. For example, we can accustom them to the fact that everyone has to pick up their dishes right after eating.

- Raises household chores as something funny. Why don't you make up a song for the different tasks. You can also turn on the radio and organize your own concert with broom in hand.

- Sometimes, including children in household chores can slow them down more, since we must teach them and correct what they have done wrong. Arm yourself with patience!

- If they ask you for help to do something, lend it to him. No one is born knowing how toys are collected or how the table is set, so you will have to explain how each task is done and explain how important it is not to forget any of them.

- Let the whole family set an example! Your children should see that all members of the family collaborate to the best of their ability in housework. And, if possible, do it with a smile on your face.

And you, what tricks do you have for children to help out at home?

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