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Children and mobile phone

Children and mobile phone

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From what age is it advisable for children to carry a mobile phone? This is a question that many parents ask today. Children and mobile phone has become one of the most current concerns of parents due to the growing development of new technologies. It is no longer unusual to find televisions, mobile phones, tablets, DVDs, video game consoles and computers in children's rooms. They are the generation of new technologies.

The mobile phone is increasingly popular with the little ones, a conclusion of the latest study developed by the Association for Media Research (AIMC).

The Ombudsman for Children of the Community of Madrid, Arturo Canalda, recommends that children do not use a mobile phone until they are 13 years old and that the use of this device is related to the age at which children begin to become independent.

If we want to learn in depth about this topic, Arturo Canalda has an interesting report entitled For the responsible use of new technologies, in which we can find a series of recommendations, suggestions and ideas that allow to approach the purchase and later use of this new dimension of communication and leisure.

In this report we can find ideas to facilitate the purchase and use by minors, not only of mobile phones, but also of videogames and internet. The purpose of the guide on children and mobile phones is to offer a series of guidelines to parents when purchasing new technology devices.

Advises parents that, before buying a mobile for their child, first consider the maturity level of the child, and encourages parents to also reflect on the possibilities of spending control offered by both prepaid and contract phones.

Apart from that, it is recommended that parents stipulate limits on mobile use, avoiding making long calls, and preventing children expose as little as possible their heads to the gadgets.

The guide also calls on parents to stimulate children, as well as adolescents, to dedicate their time to practice other types of activities with friends, such as outdoor play, reading, or sports. "We must not prohibit the use of new technologies to our children, but educate them in responsibility ", explains Arturo Canalda. offers you the document: FOR THE RESPONSIBLE USE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES.

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