German baby names. F - I

German baby names. F - I

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In We have set ourselves a goal: to find the most beautiful name for the baby you have on the way. To help you in your endeavor (which we have already made ours), we have developed a name guide as varied as it is curious. Since we know that you are not satisfied with just any ordinary nickname, we have stopped at the german baby names. Why not choose them for your little one?

These are, without a doubt, a wonderful option if what you want is for your son or daughter to be called in a completely different way from other children. If you put any of these names for boys and girls of German origin, you are hardly going to meet a namesake. This time we focus on all those boys 'names, but also girls' names, which begin with the letters F, G, H and I. Let's get to work!

To make it easier for you to find a beautiful name for your baby, we have arranged the guide by the different themes that we propose. We have a little of everything, to make your search successful: short names, names of more traditional origin, names that sound very modern, others with more tradition ... You choose! These are all german names that you will find below.

  • Names for girls that you will want for your daughter
  • Name ideas for boys that you will have a hard time choosing
  • Short, direct and forceful German names
  • Popular names inspired by German history and culture
  • We order the names of the F - I

Ready to start your search for the best name for your baby? Let's go there! But first, we stop for a moment to give you some last minute tips. When choosing what you are going to call your child we would like you to have in mind that names that are too long or difficult to pronounce They can make future life very difficult for your little one.

Unless you move in environments where people can speak the Germanic language, some names can be a real tongue twister. Keep in mind that you may be condemning your child to, for the rest of his days, no one pronounces his name well. Keep that in mind!

On the other hand, we recommend that you read both the meaning and the translation of the name you choose. In this way, you can avoid some that, by joining them with the surnamesThey form a bit unpleasant combinations.

Ready, Set, Go. We started!

Names for girls that you will want for your daughter

Do you already know that you are going to have a girl? !! Congratulations!! You have to start thinking about how you are going to put it. Take a look at the following German names for girls and you will end up falling in love with them. We warn you that it will be difficult to decide on just one.

  1. Flora. Name related to flowers. The goddess of spring in Roman mythology has this name. Its origin is Latin and its saints are on November 24.
  2. Franka. Women's version of Frank, which is Francisco in Spanish. It has Latin or Italian origin and means 'French'.
  3. Fridda. Of German origin, it comes from fridu, which means 'peace'. We do not forget Frida Kahlo.
  4. Gerda. Popular German name that comes from Gerald. Its meaning is related to war, as it means 'spear'.
  5. Gertrud. Although Gertrudis is not a very widespread name, Gertrud is often used among German girls.
  6. Gretel. Name of German origin that could come from Margaret, which in Spanish would be Margarita.
  7. Hannah. Popular name in Germany, but also in the UK. It comes from the Hebrew name Channah.
  8. Helena. In Spanish it is also written with without h. It comes from the Greek and means 'resplendent'.
  9. Helga. Name of German origin that comes from hellig, which means 'holy'.

Name ideas for boys that you will have a hard time choosing

Be inspired by German names to decide what you are going to call your baby boy. We propose some ideas that if you find them too complicated you can also translate them into Spanish. Take good note of all of them!

  1. Ferdinand. The Spanish form is Fernando, which comes from frad nand. Its meaning is interesting: 'beautiful and daring'.
  2. Florian. It is a Latin name derived from florius. Its saints are celebrated on May 4 and December 17.
  3. Frederick. Federico is a German name that comes from frithureiks, which means 'prince of peace'.
  4. Gary. Also very popular name in the Anglo-Saxon world. It means 'he who rules with a spear'.
  5. Gerald. Often used in Ireland, England and France.
  6. Gerome. In France it is spelled Jerôme and is sometimes used as a surname.
  7. Gunter. It can also be written as Günther, it comes from the German 'battle army'.
  8. Harold. German name that means 'illustrious people'. His saints are October 1.
  9. Hendrik. Form in German for Enrique. It means 'owner of the house'.

Short, direct and forceful German names

If there is something in German, it is that it sounds quite forceful, right? Well, if you also choose one of these short names for your child, the effect will be doubled. Take a look at the list below which contains some of the most popular names in Germany.

  1. Falk. Scholars assure that this name is related to a beautiful bird: the falcon.
  2. Frank. Francisco, Francesco, Francis or François are Frank in other languages. Its origin is Germanic.
  3. Fynn. Finn is also spelled. Some of its etymologies relate it to Ireland, whose meaning would be 'white'.
  4. Georg. Georg or George is the German form of Jorge, a name that means 'the one who works the land'.
  5. Gila.Name of Latin origin that means 'the one who covers himself with lambskin'.
  6. Hans Shortened form of Johannes who has acquired independence as a separate name.
  7. Ian. Derived from John or Juan, it is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'the one who is compassionate'.
  8. Going. Name for woman that means 'effort and work'.

Popular names inspired by German history and culture

Next, we take a time machine and embark on the adventure of learning about German history, science and culture. From there we will come up with very inspiring names that you may like for your children.

  1. Gustav. Named after Gustav Hertz, Nobel laureate in physics for his research on electrons and gas.
  2. Heidi. Heidi Klum is a famous German model who enjoys great success all over the world.
  3. Horst. Horst Tappert was a well-known German actor who has participated in various films and television series.
  4. Immanuel. We were inspired by the philosopher Kant to propose Immanuel as a name for your son.

We order the names of the F - I

And here we have even more names! You will find them sorted by letters: in the first table the names that begin with the letter F, in the second those that have the G, in the third the nicknames with H and, finally, some ideas to call your son or daughter that begin with I.

By placing them by letters we help all parents who are looking for names that begin for a certain initial for their babies. This is the case of those who want to share lyrics with their children so that, in some way, they are a little more united. If your name is Fernando, you may want your girl's name to be Floy or Frederika; And if your name is Gabriela, you can look up names like Gerald or Gilbert for your little one. Matter of taste!

In any case, below we propose some german baby names between which it will be difficult for you to choose.

FAIGAA birdGirl
FERDINANDCourageous travelerBoy
FREDERICKPeaceful ruleBoy
FREDERIKAPeaceful ruleGirl
FREMONTGuardian of freedomBoy
FRIEDAPeace, joyGirl
GALIANAThe SupremeGirl
GeertBrave forceBoy
GERARDSpear - braveBoy
GISELLEA commitmentGirl
GRETCHENLittle pearlGirl
HACKETTLittle man of the forestBoy
HEIDINoble, goodGirl
HELMUTHHelmet, protector, courageBoy
HENRIETTAHouse ruleGirl
HENRIOHouse ruleBoy
HERMANArmy manBoy
ILSEShort for ElizabethGirl
IMREGreat kingBoy

Surely after reading all the previous nicknames you are a little closer to finding that perfect name that has been around your head for a long time. Why don't you take a look at the rest of the Germanic names with the rest of the letters of the alphabet? Good luck!

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