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In you is the best time to conceive your rainbow baby

In you is the best time to conceive your rainbow baby

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Have you heard of the rainbow baby? This very hopeful and poetic term is used to designate those children who return the illusion to a family that has suffered because of the death of one of their children during pregnancy. Many parents going through this difficult time wonder how long they should wait to conceiving a rainbow baby safely. They want a new opportunity to have that little one who will bring joy, but they fear that anticipating it may increase the chances of complications.

However, a study published in The Lancet magazine assures that it is not necessary to wait to get pregnant again. The only requirement that must be taken into account is that parents are emotionally ready to try again. Therefore, they decide when is the best time.

We are talking about an international investigation that has studied some 14,000 births from different countries of the world over almost four decades. After analyzing the survival data and the health status of the newborns, it has been concluded that no more risk to the rainbow baby if your conception occurs early. This means that those babies conceived in the 12 months following the death of the previous child were not more likely to die or be premature than those who were born two years later.

The decision of what to do after the death of a child It is completely personal and each parent deals with this process in a different way. However, this study has also shown that 63% of parents had their rainbow baby within 12 months of the first baby passing away. Therefore, more than a physical or health need, parents should wait to be psychologically ready to have their rainbow baby.

In the study published in the renowned British magazine, the term 'stillbirth' is used. According to the NHS, the British health service, this concept designates stillborn babies after reaching the full 24 weeks of pregnancy. He adds that, in England, it occurs in 1 out of every 200 births. When it occurs before 24 weeks, it is called fetal death or abortion.

The death of the baby cannot be prevented in all cases, but the British NHS recommends these guidelines for reduce risk:

- Do not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy.

- Avoid lying on the back after 28 weeks of gestation.

- Forget the check-ups with the midwives and the gynecologist before delivery.

Beyond this study, the World Health Organization does make a series of recommendations on how long to wait between a pregnancy, in which there has been no death of the child, and the next. Make sure that before having your second child you must wait about two years, since it is the time it is considered that the woman needs to fully recover from the previous pregnancy.

If the woman has had a good postpartum recovery (with all the care that this entails in terms of nutrition and others), this date could be brought forward. However, it is advised wait at least 18 months between one and the other. If not, the chances of having various complications during pregnancy and delivery could increase.

However, there are many other details that parents must take into account when deciding that they want to increase the family. From having the economic possibilities to the ability to take care of the two children as they need and deserve.

How long did you wait between one pregnancy and the next?

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