How to celebrate International Working Women's Day with children

How to celebrate International Working Women's Day with children

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"Mom, is March 8 a holiday?" My 7-year-old daughter asked me one night over dinner. A question that allowed me to tell you, you are beginning to discover and want to know about the adult world, the importance of International Women's Day to commemorate women's struggle for equal opportunities in a world, unfortunately, still dominated by men.

I did not want to elaborate on words too much, because I may not yet understand the relevance of this date and because it may still be too small to a lesson on gender inequality or the pay gap, but I have wanted to do something different this year: celebrate International Working Women's Day with activities related to this theme.

At home, it is a tradition that mom and dad together with the little ones send Christmas postcards to grandparents and uncles, that at Easter we paint an Easter egg or that we give each other a story for Book Day. Why not establish the custom of celebrating together a date as important as the Working Women's Day? There are many things you can do with your children to celebrate March 8 that are fun, educational, and inspiring.

1. Attend an event
All over the world, Working Women's Day brings together a lot of activities such as demonstrations, talks, concerts ... Look for those that take place in your city, check the schedule that best suits you and go to one of them together.

2. Customize your room
Surely, among dolls, superheroes or unicorns there is still some space to hang the image of a woman fighter for this cause such as Malala Yousafzai, an activist to ensure education for all girls in the world. You can also choose an inspirational phrase like, 'There is a woman at the beginning of all great things', and create your own poster.

3. Create puppets
Take different papers and create various silhouettes. Then cut them out and glue them together with a popsicle stick. Inside each figure, write the name of a girl or woman who has done great things, such as Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter, or Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to travel into space.

4. Make a list
The focus of the day is acknowledging the power and contributions of women, both past and present. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about this day and then make a list of all the women you know, either personally or historically.

5. Write a letter
Who are the awesome women in your son's life? A grandmother or an aunt? A teacher? Your caregiver? Ask her to choose one and write a letter thanking her for being a super feminine role model.

6. You set up a movie session
Prepare a good bowl of popcorn and assorted sandwiches because today it's time to see a movie about an inspiring woman, one of those girls who break the rules of society and fight for her dreams. Here you have to take into account the age of the little ones, but a good option for everyone can be, for example, Vaiana or Brave.

7. Read a story (or two or three)
Look in your personal library for that story starring that woman or women who have been so inspiring in your life or take one out of the neighborhood library to read it at night before the little ones go to bed. At home we have two that we like a lot 'Girls are warriors. 26 rebels who transformed the world 'or' Goodnight stories for rebel girls'.

8. Wear something purple
Neither red, nor pink, nor blue ... Today it's time to dress in purple, eggplant or purple, the color universally related to Working Women's Day that represents dignity and humility.

9. Girls time
Just like the birthday is celebrated by blowing out the candles on a cake, this year the Working Women's Day you are going to celebrate it with a breakfast or a special snack in your favorite place. You can even toast with milk, coffee or tea for everything achieved to date and for what is to come, which is sure to be a lot and very good!

10. United Women's Network
And after that very special moment that you have shared, it would not hurt for you to visit your neighborhood together and show your children the number of women who have started and who own a business in your area. You can visit the pharmacist, the hairdresser, the owner of the English academy where she attends every Tuesday ...

11. Who is who?
Take a tour of your home pointing out all the everyday items that were invented by women, from coffee filters to dishwashers to windshield wipers. Elementary and nursery school children are old enough to begin to learn that the world is not yet a fair place for everyone.

12. Immortalize this moment
And finally, I am sure that both you, as a woman and mother, as well as your children have enjoyed each of the proposals that we have made for you from our site. To immortalize this moment, nothing like taking a selfie or a photo that reminds you of how well you had a good time. Cheese!

Maybe the March 8 Do not give you time to do all these activities (or yes), but it can be a good way to leave them for another day and thus start telling them the importance of all of us fighting for this same cause.

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