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The moon rabbit. Mexican stories for children

The moon rabbit. Mexican stories for children

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In You will be able to read the Mexican story of the rabbit on the moon, a beautiful ancient legend that tells why some of the craters on the moon are shaped like a rabbit. Have you seen that on the Moon you can see the figure of a rabbit? We tell you the Mexican version of Legend of the Rabbit on the Moon taken from the text Leyendas Mexicanas to enjoy with the children, as a family. The ancient Mexicans explain how this sacred animal got to the distant moon.

Centuries ago, Quetzalcoatl, the great and good God, decided to travel around the world transformed into a human person to avoid being recognized. He walked through mountains, forests, met seas and rivers, and since he had not stopped a whole day, at nightfall he decided to rest as he felt tired and hungry. So he sat by the roadside, until it got dark and the stars began to shine, and an orange moon peeked out of the window of heaven.

He was there resting and observing the beauty of nature, when suddenly he saw a bunny by his side, looking at him, and chewing something he was carrying between his teeth.

"What are you eating?" He asked.

- I'm eating grass. Do you want some?

- Thanks, but I don't eat grass.

- What are you going to eat then?

- Maybe die of hunger and thirst, if I can't find anything to put in my mouth.

The bunny, not satisfied or in agreement with what he had just heard, approached Quetzalcóatl and said:

- Look, I'm just a little bunny, but if you're hungry, eat me, I'm here.

Then the god, moved and impressed with the kindness of the rabbit, stroked it and said:

- Your words excite me so much, so much that from today on you will not be just another bunny on earth, you will be remembered and recognized by everyone and forever, because you deserve it for how good and generous you are.

Then the god took the bunny in his arms, lifted him high, very high, up to the moon, until his figure was stamped on the surface of the moon. Then the god brought him down to earth and said:

- There you have your portrait in light, so that all men always have your memory.

And the god's promise was fulfilled. When you look at the full moon on a clear night you will see the silhouette of the rabbit that centuries ago wanted to help the god Quetzalcoatl.

1. Who was the god Quetzalcoatl and what decision did he make?

2. Who did the god meet when he stopped to rest?

3. What did the rabbit propose to the god when he saw him hungry?

4. What promises did the god make to the rabbit?

5. How would the rabbit be remembered forever on Earth?

6. What values ​​is this story talking about?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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