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Calculate when to get pregnant so that your baby is born in June

Calculate when to get pregnant so that your baby is born in June

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There are parents who do not give any importance to the month of their child's birth, however, for many others it is essential to have everything planned and trying to get pregnant at the right time for the baby to be born in this or that month. If you also include yourself in the second group, keep in mind the advice that we are going to tell you here. This time we are going to see how to plan pregnancy to achieve that the baby is born in the month of June. Let's go there!

Pregnancy, motherhood and all that it implies is magical, wonderful and also doubtful, fears and insecurities that I myself experienced with my first pregnancy and with the second. And it is that no matter how much you want to be a mother, the uncertainty is never going to go away completely. That is why we want to let you know how your pregnancy is going to be, the things you have to take into account and how to plan it so that your baby is born exactly in the month that you most want. Suitable all so that you feel safe and calm, at least to the extent possible. It was a great help to me!

We look at the calendar, adjust dates and see that it is in September when you have to get pregnant so that your baby is born in June. How exciting! The first quarter will then be from September to November, the second from December to February and the third and last from March to May. The approximate delivery date will be in June. By then, your dream will have come true.

Let's go into a little more detail about how you can plan your pregnancy in the best possible way by introducing you to three ideal calculators. With the first of them you will know what your ovulation days are, that is, the fertile days, with the second you will be clear what your ideal weight should be throughout the pregnancy and with the third calculator you will find out the eye color that your little one will have, What is exciting?

1. Ovulation calculator and fertile days
There are women who notice certain symptoms such as discomfort or pain in the abdomen and that is how they know that they are ovulating, that is, that those are their fertile days, the most indicated to try to conceive and thus achieve that the baby is born in the month that is want.

However, for many other women, it is difficult to know exactly what those fertile days are. Don't worry, if this is also your case, you just have to check this calculator. You will see that it is about doing a very simple sum. To make it even easier, write down for a few months when your period comes, to see if it is regular. Getting pregnant will be a dream come true!

2. Ideal weight during pregnancy calculator
Weight during pregnancy is something that worries all future moms, will you be gaining a lot or a little weight? To find your ideal weight (remember that it does not have to be the same for all, but varies depending on each person) check this calculator.

To use it you only have to put your weight before pregnancy and the week of gestation in which you are. The result that you are going to see will be the approximate weight that you should have. Have you seen how easy? Surely now you are going to remove this doubt from your head.

3. Calculator of the eye color that your baby will have
It is not what matters the most, of course, but it is something you think about since you know that you are going to be one of the family, what if? I also thought about it all the time, will they be blue like grandpa's? Brown like mine? Look at this calculator and you will leave doubts. The result is achieved by mixing the eye color of the closest relatives, taking into account that if it is going to be a girl, it has more options to resemble the paternal family and if it is a boy, the maternal one. I want to see her little face!

When you want to find out, June will arrive and with it your baby. Your little one is already here, in your arms, you can finally see his face and give him that kiss full of love that you kept since you knew you were in condition. Gone are the discomforts of pregnancy, now it's time to take care of your little one and take care of yourself too. Write down the reviews with the pediatrician in a notebook, follow the childhood vaccination schedule as appropriate and go to your reviews with the doctor and the midwife.

Telling yourself that now you will have much less time for yourself, but that does not mean that you should neglect yourself. My advice, the same one they gave me and that was very useful to me, is that you eat rich, healthy and varied, it will give you the energy you need and the right nutrients, the same ones that you will pass to your little one through of breast milk. On the other hand, look for a while for yourselfAt first it is very difficult, but when you are already recovered from childbirth and your baby is a few months old, try to take that much-needed period of time, be it to do a little exercise, read a book or have a drink with your best friend . You will see how good it suits you!

Now that you are a mother, you will have realized that there are times when it is not easy to know why the baby is crying. To my son and my daughter what calmed them the most when they cried at the top of their lungs was putting them to the chestEither because they were hungry or because they needed the warmth of skin-to-skin contact. Maybe your baby is crying because he has gotten dirty and needs a diaper change, many little ones feel uncomfortable and do not stop crying until they have been changed.

Boredom is also one of the most frequent reasons why the baby cries, no matter how small it is, it is sure that he already wants to learn things and get to know the world around him. You will have to be attentive if he has any other symptoms such as mucus or cough and it is this cause that makes him restless. Have a trusted pediatrician that is by your side to take care of your little one whenever he needs it.

Congratulations dear mom! The adventure of your life has begun!

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