The 8 truths you must tell your child to be a good friend

The 8 truths you must tell your child to be a good friend

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In addition to family, for our children, the world of friends is fundamental in their lives. The relationships that are forged during infancy are of great importance to children's learning and development. In addition, friendships are part of children's self-esteem, and therefore, it is important to be aware of them. But what can we parents do that our son be a good friend?

To help you in this task, we have compiled 8 truths related to friendship that you should transmit to your child.

Friendships are not forced, nor begged for, they must be born by themselves. They have to love our son as he is, which means that the little one does not have to change his way of being, to be accepted or loved. Therefore, here are some guidelines to keep in mind to teach our children everything they need to know about the world of friends.

1. Friends and acquaintances are not the same
Children have to learn to detect who their friends are. It is the parents' job to give them the instructions they need to do so. And it is that not all the children who interact with them are their friends, some will only be known. Thus, we must help the little ones to clarify the distinction between friends and acquaintances. You are going to define the differences between the two together.

2. Teach him to respect all children
The next important question is, teach our son to respect all children. It doesn't matter what they are like or where they come from. We will do this very well if we teach them to be empathetic, that is, to know how to put themselves in the shoes of others. But, above all, our son must know how to respect himself.

This question, dear papa and dear mama, do not teach her, show her how to do it. Remember that the example is the key for children to internalize many of the teachings.

3. Trust and truth as the basis of any friendship
eye! Teach your child not to believe everything they say, as some of the comments he hears are not true. Help him find his own truth, and use it to build a good, grounded relationship.

4. Make him see that there is no reason to tell everything
Remind him that you don't have to tell everything, for this we have two ears and one mouth. The popular saying says that 'it is worth more by what is silent than by what is told'.

5. Do not do what you do not want for him
It is important that your child does not do what he would not like to be done to him, whether it be jokes (in bad taste), inappropriate scares, comments (bad language) or revealing secrets.

6. Teach him to love friends but not to depend on them
Remind him to do what he really wants to do and not what his friends want to do. You have to be accepted by your friends, just as you are, and not adapt to them to be loved. And whatever you do, you will have to take responsibility for it.

7. Value the relationships you have
Always remind your child, or teach him to value the good in a relationship. Talk about how a good relationship has more positive than negative facts and more good times than bad. Encourage him to surround himself with people who add, not subtract, in his life.

8. Teach him to take care of his friends
And of course, a good relationship must be cared for. That is why parents must teach generous ways to care for relationships.

The most important thing you can never forget when educating your child: do not teach it, show him how it is done! You already know that we are his role model. What a responsibility!

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