7 clear signs that a baby is hungry

7 clear signs that a baby is hungry

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The newborn is an immature being, whose communication capacity is quite limited. I wish you could talk to us to explain what happens to you or what you need at all times, right? And so it can happen, that many times parents think that he cries because he is sleepy or is bothered by the label of the body and it really is about something else: he wants to eat. These are the signs that a newborn or baby is hungry.

As you may already know, the main form of communication for the baby is crying, but there are different types of crying: with the one that claims that he has peed or pooped, the one that tells us that he is hot, that his stomach hurts, that he uncomfortable about anything or just needing affection and wanting to be taken.

Knowing how to distinguish one from the other takes time and makes parents, especially first-timers, a bit stressed during the first days or weeks trying to figure out what happens to their offspring.

As far as hunger is concerned, it is usually a loud, high-pitched and brief cry in most babies. It is very normal to relate the baby's crying to hunger, however, and as we have seen above, this is not always the case. Next, we are going to see some indicators that alert us that the next take is your turn and that will help us to anticipate crying episodes:

1. The baby who starts to feel hungry, at first, he will open his eyes and be more attentive to his surroundings.

2. You can move your head from side to side, looking for food to calm you down.

3. Will open his mouth and stick out his tongue, It can even make some sound!

4. Put your hand to your face or mouth.

5. You can even start hand sucking. This will calm him down quite a bit for a few minutes, as sucking on the newborn is a source of pleasure. However, he will soon realize that no food is coming out of his hand or fingers, and he will begin to cry.

6. It may start the search reflex, that is, if we touch the cheek, forehead, nose, the baby will direct the lips to where they touch.

7. If you are holding the baby in your arms, you can turn your head towards the body of the person who is holding you, showing nervousness.

As I said before, it is very common to associate the baby's crying as a first sign of hunger, but you have already seen that we are a little late! It is more when the child cries for hunger it is that he is 'very hungry' Thus, it is important to pay attention to these signals and to anticipate. What consequences can it have for the little one if the parents do not notice this situation?

- The corresponding intake, especially if it is from the breast, will be less satisfactory than if it occurs in advance. If he has started crying, he will be nervous and, therefore, it will be more difficult for him to latch onto the breast, they can even cause nipple pulling, being very annoying for the mother.

- The second consequence is that it will increase the anxiety of the parents, and this can make them block and it is difficult for them to realize that this crying, sometimes uncontrollable and exhausting, comes from hunger and for no other reason.

Little by little, you will learn why your baby is crying, what he needs, what his discomfort is, and you will be able to act accordingly to help him calm down. Patience and good courage!

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