Anger. Nursery rhyme poem

Anger. Nursery rhyme poem

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Feelings and emotions are a world to discover for children. Difficult to handle and control. And also, to understand. Therefore, stories and poetry are a great tool to explain to children the meaning of abstract words that speak of feelings and emotions. In this rhyming nursery rhyme, titledAnger, the protagonists are the sun and the moon, and the emotion of which they speak, anger.

The sun and the moon

they are angry,

nobody in heaven

knows what happened.

All your friends

they are worried,

in millions of years

they have never fought.

The red moon

moves away from the sun,

and turns his back

very bad mood.

The stubborn sun

does not want to go out,

and the day is coming

They will insist!

Calmly approaches

The big bear,

she wants to make them

enter reason.

Behind the Osa,

a comet arrives,

with good words

he tries again.

Mercury and Uranus

aware of the anger,

they come through the sky

and they act as lawyers.

with great attention,

What a couple of fools

the moon and the sun!

An asteroid is coming

a meteor is coming,

they don't stop talking to them

they look like two parrots.

Jupiter and Mars,

Venus and Neptune,

they all come together

behind Saturn.

Suddenly comes

the Pole Star,

Pluto and Earth

they have gone looking for it.

To this great star

with a fame of fair,

let them be angry

he likes nothing.

Listen to the moon

talk to the sun.

Finally the two stars

come to their senses!

The moon already laughs

the sun laughs too,

with remorse

they ask for forgiveness.

This nursery rhyme poem that you have just read can be very useful for working with children on different concepts. First of all, we suggest using it as a text to assess your child's reading comprehension ability. To do this, we propose some questions based on poetry.

If the child doubts with any of the answers, you can re-read the poetry as many times as you want.

- Are the moon and the sun angry or happy?

- Was it the first time that happened or had they already been angry more than once?

- Who were the friends of the sun and the moon? Do you remember some of them?

- What did the friends of the sun and the moon do?

- Who finally managed to reconcile the moon and the sun?

- How does the poem end? Do they ask for forgiveness?

And what other activities can we propose to the children from this poem? Here are some ideas that you can start at home!

- Illustrate the poem
Drawing is fun and very beneficial for children. Let your child's creativity kick in as he draws what inspired the poem.

- Turn poetry into a play
If you put an ice cream stick behind a drawing of a sun and a moon, you will have a wonderful puppet with which you can organize a play based on the poem.

Recite the poem as a family
Each member of the family must memorize a stanza. Then it only remains to recite it in the corresponding order.

Keep inventing stanzas
What happened after the moon and the sun reconciled? The sun came out? Did he go to play with the moon? Make up a few more stanzas that have an alternate ending to these verses.

These verses are a great resource to teach children the names of the planets in the Solar System and other stars that surround them. Activities related to space tend to fascinate children, so here are some games and activities related to astronomy to expand their knowledge.

- Model with polystyrene balls of the Solar System
With some wires, a white cork ball and paints we can make a model that is educational and decorative in equal parts. If your child has to do a project for science class this may be a good idea.

- Story about how the Solar System was formed
In Guiainfantil we have a wonderful story that allows children to get closer to how our Solar System was formed, while knowing the order in which the planets are placed.

- The Milky Way experiment
Did you know that you can have your own Milky Way at home? This experiment, in addition to being a wonderful sensory activity for children of all ages, is very easy to prepare with materials that we all have at home.

- Do your children know who Galileo was? And Valentina Tereshkova?
These two names are closely tied to space. Galileo for taking the first steps so that we could use the telescope to see the stars, while Valentina was the first woman to travel into space. We have turned their biographies into a beautiful story that you can share with your children.

In addition to helping children learn the names of the planets, this poem talks about one of the basic emotions of children: anger. Emotional education must begin at home. As explained in the research article by Gloria Cecilia Henao López and María Cristina García Vesga for the Latin American Journal of Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth (entitled 'Family interaction and emotional development in boys and girls'), the family environment is constituted as the first 'teacher' who proposes educational practices and children's reference points on an emotional and social level. From there, the importance of talking about emotions with our children. Stories and poetry are great educational resources to achieve this.

Sometimes, we tend to label the emotion of anger, like frustration, a negative emotion, however, we cannot qualify it as such if we take into account that it also allows children to learn. It is true that it is an unpleasant and uncomfortable emotion, but at the same time inevitable. For this reason, it is necessary that let's teach children to manage it. Let's see some resources for it!

And if you want your children to take a liking to poems, you cannot stop sharing with them the following verses that we propose. You will love them!

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