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Otitis in infants and children. Ear infection and pain

Otitis in infants and children. Ear infection and pain

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Otitis is a very common disease in babies and children. It is an inflammation of the middle ear that is usually caused by the accumulation of mucus in the upper airways, usually due to a cold or flu.

It is so prevalent in childhood because of how difficult it is for children to blow their noses and remove that excess mucus. Viruses and bacteria reach the middle ear through the Eustachian tube in this way, causing pain, hearing loss, and even fever.

In You will find a selection of content related to otitis in childhood so that you know how to proceed in case your child suffers from it and what can cause a case of inflammation of the child's ear.

Otitis in infants and children. Otitis causes earache in children and babies. It is usually caused by an infection, which originates in the throat. Viruses and bacteria reach the middle ear through the Eustachian tube. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of an ear infection in children.

What to do if the baby has otitis. On our site we tell you what childhood otitis is. How parents can prevent a case of otitis. Infant colds that cause otitis. Treatment for otitis in babies and children.

Types of otitis. When the child complains of earache, it is best to consult with his pediatrician as soon as possible so that he can distinguish the type of otitis that the child presents and initiate the appropriate treatment.

Otitis in the pool. The pool and the sea are places of fun for children, but also a source of possible ear infections. If you want to prevent painful otitis, keep these tips in mind.

External otitis. Otitis externa or swimmer's in children. Symptoms, treatment and prevention of swimmer's ear in children. How to treat infantile otitis exterior. Ear diseases in children.

Treatment of otitis. Until recently, antibiotics were the drug of choice to treat otitis in children, whereas now pediatricians only prescribe them in some cases. Most otitis remits within 48 or 72 hours of having manifested.

Consequences of otitis. Video in which Dr. Gracia Aranguez explains the consequences of poorly treated otitis or one that cannot be remedied in children

Otitis and colds. Video in which Dr. Gracia Aránguez explains to our site that otitis can be caused by a cold, a cold or the flu and tells us how we can avoid it and, above all, what are the consequences of not curing an otitis in time.

Earache in children. Earache is a more common illness in children than you might think, and it is usually caused by infections that affect the middle ear, which is also known as otitis media.

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